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Monday is the best day of the week for those who love their job. #memomonday #dailymemo

Just getting started here; how goes it so far, everyone?

Blockchain.com continues to give $25 of free Stellar XLM tokens for free. This is not some scam shitcoin Airdrop. All you have to do is sign up and verfy your account. https://www.blockchain.com/getcrypto/claim

If I darkened my skin... what if I would fit in better? Oh my... Would I make more sense to people? Hmmm

How to Browse Internet Anonymously https://hyperspace.app/post/5c98d89039630a0006ec9371?asset=Hk_quUIO4 (My recent take on online privacy)

Trump Signs Proclamation Giving Golan Heights To Israel, Gaza Under Attack & S-300s In Venezuela https://youtu.be/AXSnNVxp7-8 #Israel #Gaza #GolanHeights #Syria #DonaldTrump #Netanyahu #Afghanistan #Venezuela

1 BCH = 2,48 BSV

Sorry. That was not necessary. Moving along now!

Kill all the infidels, rawr!!!!!

What kind of spam is that? https://memo.cash/profile/1iAiNFE32MwReERhMMjWeBVqfZJA4C1h5


Amaury Séchet Leaves Bitcoin Unlimited in Protest https://coinspice.io/news/bch-lead-developer-amaury-sechet-leaves-bitcoin-unlimited-in-protest-solidarity/

Panama Papers: On the Run with Fugitive Gambling Czar Calvin Ayre https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/panama-papers/party-down-run-fugitive-gambling-czar-calvin-ayre-n570576

“CTOR wasn't made in a hurry, there was more than year of preparation, and it even used to be on nchain's roadmap. It was made contentious at the last minute by people who wanted a split. It never was about ctor.”


Monday Memo! When writing, it helps to have someone review your drafts so they can give you some constructive criticism. They might notice flaws you wouldn't spot on your own as a result of different perspectives.


Hello boyz, this is not my first contact with crypto in general so i've decided to try this one out as well as i did with EOS and steem. Not sure how it works though.

Earthlings is the most shocking documentary I have ever seen http://www.nationearth.com