WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议

The current version of @Blockstream's green wallet reveals all your public keys to their servers, and their privacy policy states that they are logged along with your email and phone number.

"Bitcoin is an open source p2p system which was originally highly prized for being capture resistant. If Bitcoin were not open source, or if elements of it were trademarked or patented, then a malactor could trivially

Bitmain IPO Filing Set to Imminently Expire in Absence of HKEx Committee Hearing https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitmain-ipo-filing-set-to-imminently-expire-in-absence-of-hkex-committee-hearing

💡Wild idea.l: SLP tokens should just be called Simple Tokens. Easier to say. Easier for new folk. Highlights the contrast to erc20 tokens which are overkill for most projects. Keep it simple! #dailymemo



Where's all the news about how Trump is clean? Surely that should be the biggest piece of media circulating. #Qanon


https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D2fZwKwUYAEXpr3.png https://d.tube/#!/v/jza/foahsy3s #spanish #bch #dash #pac #eth #china

Episodio de noticias de Amantes del Blockchain para el 25 de Marzo con noticias de Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Stratis, Paccoin, Bitcoin y muchos mas #spanish #podcast https://d.tube/#!/v/jza/foahsy3s


Do you support President Trump? Will you vote for him in 2020?

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Did Steemit SMTs launch today as planned?

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It's almost impossible for us to imagine how little normal people care about bitcoin. We've been in too long. People don't care about bitcoin at all. People care about how it impacts them. #dailymemo

Anyone played Lode Runner with BCH Tokens yet? #BCH #Gaming


MIP-0005 seems like a vim instruction stream on chain. https://github.com/memocash/mips/blob/master/mip-0005/mip-0005.md

Here is a process Video of the Peony Flower Cover Up Tattoo that I did recently. I hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts ☺️ https://i.imgur.com/LgteWn9.mp4