WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议

There are still way more people using #BTC than #BCH worldwide for payments and #elipay is a custodial wallet which means it offers probably the same fees for BTC as BCH... How is #Bitcoincash winning here ??

I've had a memo account for a few hours and already I'm getting tokens of all types. Tokens have an insane amount of utility. If it can be tokenized it will be tokenized. https://imgur.com/RZuLlmO

The Venezuelan government is a small fish compared to the IMF operating worldwide. Still they get blamed in #bitcoincom articles but the sanctions & banking blockage are never mentioned. This is #rogerkver propaganda

The U.S. military will soon have a military base on ecuadorians Galapagos Islands the natural reserve paradise where Charles Darwin made parts of his famous research to write human history. How do you like that?

The issues #Venezuela is facing are mostly caused by the cruel sanctions imposed by the fascist empire of the banking mafia. They closed Venezuelan bank accounts and confiscated their money, this is a war on civilians

Who wants some NAKAMOTO tokens? Send me your slp addr. https://explorer.bitcoin.com/bch/token/df808a41672a0a0ae6475b44f272a107bc9961b90f29dc918d71301f24fe92fb

To enjoy life with a healthy body & mind all it needs are 15-30 min of workout every day & healthy food. Why is it that many humans are not capable of taking this responsibility? Why are they in passive slave mode?


Omar, @crypt0snews, talking about SLP tokens at 22:46! \ https://youtu.be/lFaxnNjQf84?t=1366 Tokanize anything on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain with SLP! More info: https://simpleledger.cash

Aging is our worst humanitarian crisis.

New music!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JCpTINT1bU&feature=youtu.be

cash.coin.dance lists individual & business supporters - BCH development could receive more funding doing that - a link to your business website from a website like bitcoinabc.org is precious

Looks like Silver is flying again 💪

Inside #Venezuela everyone agrees that this country is unique in offering enormous freedom, many say it offers too much freedom and they wish it would be more regulated. People don't know what they want nor need...

They keep talking about some central planning happening in #Venezuela which is complete bullshit as any U.S. state or European nation is way more regulated and centrally planned. Venezuela offers enormous freedom

I had a video interview of one hour already three months ago with Matt Aaron the #bitcoincom manager of the adoption campaign in #Venezuela and he never released any of that information as he & #rogerkver are biased

The issue here is the same as everywhere all around the world. Most people don't realise the connection between fake money & TV brainwashing created by banksters and the world wide recession going on because of that.

#bitcoincom promotes freedom & libertarian lifestyle but keeps blaming governments instead of taking responsibility to educate the people. This is schizophrenia. #rogerkver is a whining looser with victim attitude

https://www.reuters.com/article/us-saudi-aramco-attacks/iran-rejects-us-claim-it-was-behind-saudi-oil-strikes-says-ready-for-war-idUSKBN1W009P Saudi,USA, and the usual mob want to start a war with Iran.😥 No to War

Once again #bitcoincom is spreading bad propaganda about #Venezuela instead of listening to both sides of the argument https://news.bitcoin.com/distrust-of-the-bolivar-prompts-venezuelans-to-seek-sound-money/