WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议



ahora #CrptosCity tiene un nuevo forum... Unete ... http://cryptoscity.forumotion.com/ No dejes de ser parte del mundo cripto.

Israel Says Trump Will Sign Golan Heights EO, Russian Troops In Venezuela & US Ships ISIS To al-Tanf https://youtu.be/QPPMb_AsCnE #GolanHeights #Israel #Venezuela #Sanctions #Russia #ICC #Syria #ISIS #alTanf

bitbacker.io is buggy a.f. at the moment. Whenever I try to send funds via PowerChat I get an error telling me the tx is stuck and then offered the option to get it refunded. Anyone else has those problems?

BSV #UAST user activated stress tests pushing sustained block size on $BSV toward 3 mega byte size, 3x the BCH size: http://coin.dance

Do you play Nakamoto Game?

Selling Digital Content On-Chain with One-Time Money Button Swipe https://www.yours.org/content/selling-digital-content-on-chain-with-one-time-money-button-swipe-b20ceef62eb0

Hi everyone, I'm new here. Trying to understand the world of cryptocurrency. Please forgive me for my poor English, so sometimes I use a translator.

New airdrop https://bitsdaq.com/signup?referralCode=UIDS1ZOQ

Bitcoin Account Accuses Twitter of Shadow Banning to Restrict Its Reach https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-account-accuses-twitter-of-shadow-banning-to-restrict-its-reach/

Win $5K of BCH Playing Cashgames From Bitcoin.com https://news.bitcoin.com/win-5k-of-bch-playing-cashgames-from-bitcoin-com/

Bitcoinmap.cash Helps You Find Places to Spend BCH https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoinmap-cash-helps-you-find-places-to-spend-bch/

Interest blinds some and makes some see.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency best so far with the increased price ups and downs compared to the other cryptocurrencies.

Love this stuff #BSV: https://medium.com/@craig_10243/bitcoin-is-a-commodity-1635dfca32fd

Active Development for Most Bitcoin Forks Evaporates https://news.bitcoin.com/active-development-bitcoin-forks-evaporates/

What is your pick for the best cryptocurrency of 2019? I like Bitcoin Cash and STEEM.

Can you get rich off of Memo?

What paid social media sites are you on? I am on Steemit, Minds, Serey, and Scorum.