WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议

The Social Audiobook

It's been a while memo. Still looking good. Hope everyone is doing well! #BCH

Skycoin VS ETH https://youtu.be/Jm4JNpv47vQ Cent https://beta.cent.co/+8bntgj Yours https://www.yours.org/content/skycoin-vs-eth-a1c455b9d0cc Honest https://honest.cash/anarchovegan/skycoin-vs-eth-1532/

3 Bergs In 1... video https://youtu.be/W2WFfj6K01Q

The Big Financial Freeze On Its Way https://youtu.be/jZnGbT4u4tk

Where the fuck did the minds.com app go??? It used to be in the google play store and I don't see it now!

Gillette and Toxic Masculinity https://youtu.be/D4XNzvyaglU

Hello world Showing them Fools TxStreet

Honest Isn't Better Than Cent For Everyone https://honest.cash/anarchovegan/honest-isnt-better-than-cent-for-everyone-1529/

Where Should You Store Your Private Keys https://youtu.be/MxEx93sA1ZI

Don't forget it took a long time for people to switch from gold and silver to using IOU's (bank notes). Crypto adoption is coming.

"We don't need an ETF" - An unconventional Wall Street Perspective https://youtu.be/51uN17aMD_8




你做了微商,还经常在朋友圈发广告,而你的朋友没有屏蔽你,那 ta 对你一定是真爱。


- 空气币和传销有什么不同? - 传销不敢每天发好几条朋友圈。


As promised, a quick ELI5 on CashAccounts. https://youtu.be/aSVzMVb2vG8