WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议

Bitcoin Unlimited's latest #BitcoinCash protocol compatible full node client BUCash- is available for download: https://bitcoinunlimited.info/download

Chick fillet🐷




Thanks for a great day memo team! We all are very important in everyone's life's, let's continue to build a stronger chain, and move away from the mistakes of our forefathers ! Good night everyone... Except Mark Z


Not only could we do a music jukebox.. We could do an early movie trailer jukebox!!! :):):)

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official spice token ID 4de69e374a8ed21cbddd47f2338cc0f479dc58daa2bbe11cd604ca488eca0ddf impostor spice token ID dae120b7333794090efc642222c7daca6be6e6c70fd22754c1fe7cc43f9376f2

Now that I have all these pointless tokens - how would everybody feel if I burned 'em? Especially the ones without a passable minting baton

New Picard trailer! Looking...so...GOOD! :-D https://intl.startrek.com/videos/watch-first-star-trek-picard-trailer-patrick-stewart-sdcc-hall-h?fbclid=IwAR3sioAySnjSOdj6uU0MUCtbjyYwDa133TqCql7z8o-OdZcrmj7QmTx86c0

Watch out for "counterfeit" Tokens for sale here on Memo. So far I have noticed the original "Faketoshi (CSW)" and "SPICE" have some "Cheap Knock-Offs" for sale here. There are no rules and I like that, Just FYI!

Vitalik proposes to store ETHERIUM BLOCKCHAIN DATA on Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Why? LET'S ALL FIND OUT OURSELVES! Will be giving updates with this BLASTING NEWS!

Please support this HONEST. CASH paywall please! :) Thanks everyone! The Cure For Diabetes is just around your backyard all along! https://honest.cash/v2/fycee/the-cure-for-diabetes-is-just-around-your-backyard-5544

Sadly I only have ideas... Again looking for a team to work with to help bring ideas to life

The first crypto jukebox that plays all ur favorite songs... We could publish a dapp... And using smart contracts could make it easy