WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议

https://partiko.app/referral/dominion01 Join me on Partiko. A paid social media experience for the Steem blockchain.

"Someone trying to buy old mining wallets on bitcointalk - i think its faketoshi! https://bit.ly/2Tupo0G https://bit.ly/2CCRH7t prepping for upcoming court case - or still trying to bring more fake proofs! "


To establish ourselves in the world we do everything to appear as if we were established.

Avnet accepting Bitpay is more evidence that Bitpay will be the adopted application. Now 2 big giants accepting Bitpay, the other being Dish Network. Good times ahead for BCH supporters.



CashShuffle has been integrated into Electron Cash 4.0.0! Let's use it! #cashshuffle #shufflesunday #dailymemo https://github.com/Electron-Cash/Electron-Cash/pull/1200

Happy day of rest! How is it treating you? What are you up to today?

Sunny Sunday. Love it :-)

How is it possible to tip only in BCH?

At first, I though r/btc was obssesed with LN. But it's giving results: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/b4spnf/welcome_pokkst_of_crescent_pay_to_bitcoin_cash/

Imagine being this retarded.... https://imgur.com/6mN81Lp #CultOfCraig #StatistVision

Bitcoin mining just not working

My little village today https://imgur.com/bUZNdSe

Twitter antitrust - @bitcoincore is inorganically returned as a top result for the search “bitcoin”, and the handle @bitcoin appears last. Jack, Twitter’s CEO,

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwDeFaINI_A

Statistics Shows Gold Mining Costs 23 Times more than Bitcoin Mining https://zycrypto.com/statistics-shows-gold-mining-costs-23-times-more-than-bitcoin-mining/

Why I'm Moving to BCH. https://pokkst.xyz/bch/ That's exactly how I would have written it.

https://acceptbitcoin.cash/ directory now lists 1039 merchants which accepts BCH. Up from ~960 last week. Make sure to help them add new listings