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Just a thought: Now that Bitcoin Cash is collaborating with the Cannabis Industry, BCH is gonna be expected to moon anytime soon!

Did you know I have a website with a merch store and stuff? Check it out on CaitieRage.com!

I used tippr for the first time today. One thing surprises me. I had 0.02450364 BCH balance. After withdrawal of 0.001 BCH, I got 0.02350364 BCH balance. No fees were charged. Why?

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Respect Roger Ver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J8iJrFCvyM


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I wonder when will Coretards and their enablers realize that FUD and anti-bch narratives can't stop a financial revolution. ^_^

2019-05-24 Tips 258 Satoshis 821.665 https://whotipped.it/Chart/

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bchpls.net and bchpls.org are now registered

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