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#Venezuela is a freedom anarchist paradise. The socialism here is just optional for these which are not smart enough to survive by themselves. I find that system extremely fair. Everyone here has absolute freedom.

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Mine #coffee.

In #Venezuela you build your house without requesting permission and others respect your property. Nobody in the town occupies another place even if it stays unoccupied for several years. This is freedom, nobody taxes

In #spain the refugees are selling all kinds of things on the streets and they get hunted by the banking mafia dressed up in police uniforms, each time they get caught they must pay 65€, this is slavery.

If you sell single cigarettes in #Germany the police will make you pay a fine & put you in prison if you do not pay. The #banksters have installed perfect slavery since WW2. Even #bitcoin ATMs are prohibited


The most recent print off $300mill, Tether claimed it would burn the same amount but did not. This has a few effects. 1- This proves no real fiat was deposited to print the $300m 2- It dilutes the value of USDT value

The town inhabitants in #Venezuela come to buy the fish for 1 #USD right on arrival, they carry it to the city to sell the same fish for 2.5 USD per kg. All are living very well from that. Work really pays, zero taxes

In #Venezuela they are offering me 3 hectares of land for $900 to start any kind of operation I want. I can do whatever I want with this land. In #Europe everything is regulated by the banking #mafia, that is slavery.

In #Germany the judges decided that it is unconstitutional to prohibit #bitcoin ATMs still the #Bafin is illegally harrassing the service providers. In Germany you must pay tax for television even without having a TV

What would happen in your territory if you would start selling any kind of product right on the streets without paying taxes? What if you sell cigarettes or alcohol or #bitcoin without permission? You go to jail??


Picking up Ms. Adriana Lima.

In #Venezuela people are selling single cigarettes for 10 cents, they buy a package for 1 #USD anyone making business in Venezuela is living well. Work really pays off, nobody taxes.

France To Ban Libra, BCH Futures Contracts, Luxury Cars For Bitcoin Cash, $50M BCH Tech Park planned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rfvi9cqNOWk

The reason why #Venezuela is getting so bad propaganda is because this system demonstrates how humans can live peacefully in freedom without being slaves for the state. The #USA & Europe is pure slavery owned by banks