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United American Corp missed their window to serve all necessary defendants in their anti trust case against bitmain and may have it tossed as a result.

Friends who do not wish to live in an Orwellian dystopia, please repost this message everywhere you can. 人類自由! 香港自由。 監視監視狀態!

Name: 2019 11 14 Contingency Fee Agreement.pdf Size: 2428085 bytes (2371 KiB) SHA256: C626657F23943CD8EB1BB9383EBD42CAD9523AF35F10D822560D9104A2FF9F9D

Balance in badger wallet is showing a different balance (higher, and where it should be) than when I look up the address on the block explorer... what gives with that? Anyone have any ideas?


Could not maintain ritual forever. Didn't anticipate I would last 14 days in this or that it fail because of missing corp to bury. Had too much faith in people. Something went terribly wrong. https://imgur.com/VXcCTa8

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Too drunk to drink more. Still pissed off. Let us rumble!



2019-11-13 Tips 117 Satoshis 587,332 https://whotipped.it


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