WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Keeping this freshly posted as I'm often asked where the app is. To download the Android app for Memo click here: https://bch.gg/app If you want to donate a beer to me 🍻: $blake

Release notes for 0.3.551 - Fixed reply bug.

It's coming. Basic site functionality is more important, in my mind, than additional features. Now that most everything works I will start rolling out extras.

Release notes for 0.3.55- Now shows which posts you've liked.

Is there a comprehensive list of brick & mortar stores that accept BCH anywhere? I feel like here in Vancouver there's got to be more than I can currently find.

Release notes for 0.3.42 - Fixed duplicate notification bug

Had some old weed get dry on me. Thought about terracotta pots and how they water, so I grabbed some orange peels and threw them in the bag over night and it worked! Same principle, the theory is sound!

minor update right after that (as is tradition)

Release notes for 0.3.4 - Notification fix - Fixed liking when replying - Topic message placeholder when sending - Long press topic message to view post - Fixes for Android Oreo - Minor bug fixes

New update coming shortly!

Don't know any of those, I'll have to try them sometime. Ever tried Diabolica Whiskey Barrel Aged? Quite good.

Reply to this post, not in topic, with your $handle and I'll keep the ball rolling!

@Kosinus there will an update today that should fix errors on Oreo!

If you guys want more active and diversified users on Memo try posting about things other than crypto. Having talks always be about it makes this a crypto focused platform rather than a platform powered by crypto!

@RealBitcoinClub I'm assuming you're talking about the website itself. Unfortunately this is a topic for the Android app but I'm sure the memo team is happy to get feedback like that too.

@Kosinus are you running 0.3.351? Also have you used it before the current release? Trying to trace that bug.

As of right now, website. This is my first app (not first program) so right now it's more about getting used to Android and then I'll get it off the site and on the protocol directly.

Remember, post here or reply to any release notes post with any bugs you encounter! It's hard to keep track of it all myself, plus you fix one and create another. 😩

If your topic message doesn't seem to be going through just back out of the dialog, give it a second and try again. It'll work and will continue to.

Big update is live. Minor one right after that since I fucked something up.Always double-check your work, kids.