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I'm selling Liberland Merit https://memo.cash/token/527a337f34e04b1974cb8a1edc7ca30b2e444bea111afc122259552243c1dbe3?for-sale

I've listed the following token to enable the worship of the Holy Foreskin of Christ: Præputium Domini https://tiny.cc/pgt89y I lowered the price so more of my flock can buy the token https://imgur.com/T4L4BwZ

To enable the sacred worship of the Holy Foreskin of our beloved Savoir, I have listed the following token: Præputium Domini https://imgur.com/QBSkbYV Buy Token: http://tiny.cc/pgt89y Wiki: http://tiny.cc/vht89y


Deo volente https://imgur.com/MZlIbzN

I have officially created the Papal Bull token "Exsurge Domine" to condemn those who want to hard fork the holy Church! https://memo.cash/token/79d5075cfdabcc6216ba0ca26721be31a843bc64160d26d4198e29815a32c025

come unto me sinner & buy yourself salvation - basic salvation: a ticket to heaven - premium salvation: buy bishop token and earn your investment back by profiting from sinners too

oh sinnerman where you gonna run to? Run to me and let me take profit from you. In return I will sell you salvation and a ticket to heaven. Check the token store for my INDULGENCE token

By the grace of the Allmighty manifested in me I jave releasedon the token market my episcopus token that grants you the right to call yourself Bishop

halle fucking lujah, I feel so damn holy I could jerk myself off for hours while staring in the mirror

come to me you sinners and buy yourself into heaven