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Silver breakout ! I have never saw a PM rise so fast in past 7days and its still at 25year low with the Gold ratio. Silver usescases at ath,FED Interest rates,QE4, USDT problems affecting all crypto $100 Ounce Silver




SLP brainstorming. When sending any SLP on Memo, a fee is paid. What if the more times a coin is sent, the paid fees go towards its marketcap. Send RKT 10 times= 0.0000010000 Market + the paid trades = 0.0000020000

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=y3dqhixzGVo 😮


Why did Tether even need to type in 50mill or 5bill? If they really had usd deposits first,then they should be able to auto match the same figure into usdt. Hell even a simple copy n paste from usd to usdt would work.

DPOS coins are scams.

Tether problems are pushing smart money into Silver and other PM. Keep eye on Silver.

For those that wonder why tether made a few "accidents" yesterday. MARGIN (up to 100x on Bfx) They knew the 5bill usdt would be noticed, they went long first. They knew they would delete them they went short.first.

@Memo... Would it be possible to move muted posts away from the Everyone tab to another section? if you mute someone, their post goes into a new Muted tab and will not appear on your Everyone list.

Tether claim they wanted 50mill usdt, but they "accidentally" minted 50bill, then to fix the "accident" they again "accidentally" burnt the wrong amount.. Nothing to see here they say!.😂


Bitfinex , go 100x long on the 5bill usdt mistake they created,lol Now they say it was an accident, they gonna short lol Bravo , Bitfinex and their creative manipulation that people keep falling for.

https://twitter.com/whale_alert/status/1150161710587764737 Red5point1 They minted 5,000,000,000 Then They burned 4,500,000,000 So in fact they are trying to hide the minting of 500Million out of thin air again.

https://twitter.com/whale_alert/status/1150207290366222337 lol

https://imgur.com/0bMUEqr Praying to the Tether printer 😄

Could Memo make a SLP Market exchange? Currently we can ,list,buy sell SLP for BCH. What if you could do swaps between SLP hodlers/creators/users. Market pairs.

https://cryptophyl.com/ https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/cc2va4/cryptophyl_a_bch_focused_slp_exchange_has_now/ Very nice 👏