WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


IRS dropped their new guidance for US tax slaves regarding cryptocurrency: https://bch.gg/1v3

Any Hong Kong folks here? Want to give a 1st hand report?



Pretty sure Pelosi just handed a 2nd term to Trump.

Good news everyone! When 'Bater O'Rourke is president, he'll force criminals to turn in their AR-15s. Checkmate School Shooters! Now you'll have no legal way to shoot up a bunch of people. We're lucky to have 'Bater!

Is there a way on memo to exchange SLP tokens without BCH as a intermediary? Like I want to sell 5 of token A for 1 of token B?

Just look at all the bad reviews for Cash App to see the problem with centralized authority over our money: https://bch.gg/1oc We need to inform all these people that the problem has already been solved by Bitcoin!

Trump: "Iran can be a great nation, I want Iran to be a great nation and be rich again." Iran: "Death to America! We Keel You!" American Left: "Yeah, what Iran said! Trump's literally Hitler!"

How much do we have to spend to be safe from Kevin Spacey? https://youtu.be/5uU9O_4U25I

What if Trump had Epstein suicided, then tweeted about the conspiracy so that the Trump haters would discount the possibility & the press would carry the water by calling it an unfounded theory?

Satoshi Dice has just made an interesting plea to remove the 25 chain TX per block limit entirely: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/clr0sj/a_request_from_satoshi_dice_to_the_bitcoin_cash/

Idea of the day: Use SLP tokens to do a futures market on the 2020 US Pres election. As an example of such a market, see here: https://iemweb.biz.uiowa.edu/

Business Idea: If the Democrats are successful in outlawing private health insurance & instituting Medicare for all, there will be a huge market for companies that can help you navigate the bureaucracy for a fee.

Anybody here interested in languages? I found this quite fascinating: https://youtu.be/kwYxHPXIaao

Nobody talking about John McAfee supposedly being apprehended by some state? He claims to have dead-man switch to release incriminating info about world governments, including USA. Are they real, or Al Capone's Vault?

When I hear that Miley Cyrus won't procreate because of climate change: https://imgur.com/UBovoQ5

Interesting thing about memo, if someone breaks into your account & gets your private key, that account is insecure forever. You can't just change your password & regain control. You'd have to make whole new account.

Remy knocks another one out of the park: https://youtu.be/QL0g6KmFRYw So many clever jokes!