WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


I've revolutionized the 2nd layer! I don't know if you guys are ready for this: https://bch.gg/adamtabtoken 10 Trillion, 2 decimal points (like the dollar it replaces). Genius!

The US is so behind in crypto-currency due to it's over-regulation. It's a shame. When they are ready to join the party, it'll be too late.

Who is shaking Elizabeth Warren when she gives speeches? Maybe she just runs her audio through some kind of tremolo filter.

Here's an idea. If we could get CSW to say that Flat-Earthers are idiots, would sherykochemail's head asplode?

My Initial Review of https://local.bitcoin.com . Please comment with your observations.

I have freed my memo account of its BSV detritus! Hopefully I don't get any BSV tips in the future.

OK Math whizzes, can anyone estimate the cost in TX fees and the size of all the TXs (# 32MB blocks) to consolidate everyone's wallets into a single UTXO per wallet.

Does anyone else write their full memo post, then edit it down to be more concise until it fits in a single post?

How can you split your BSV out of your memo wallet? When I split before, I moved BCH & BSV to completely separate wallets. But for Memo, I have to keep the same wallet to maintain my identity, n'est-ce-pas?

Woo, dumped by BSV while it was in its little pump. Such low volume on Coinex. Wish I could have done it back when it was closer to parity with BCH. Now I gotta round up all my spare sats hanging around.

Whenever a headline starts with "Scientists say" or "Experts warn" I'm immediately skeptical. These are very weaselly words that imply authority, but overlook the fact that the "experts" aren't always in agreement.

I'm still looking for one person that changed teams from BCH *to* BTC. I've seen the converse many times now. Anyone find one in the wild that is legit?

The saga of the attempt to grab all the BCH accidentally sent to segwit addresses is fascinating. 5D chess stuff. Still trying to understand it all.

"Why Are Cryptographers Being Denied Entry into the US?" https://bch.gg/136 At least 4 well known cryptographers have been denied entry to US recently. Will anti-crypto policies trickle down & affect cryptocurrencies?

Not a fan of MemBo_r/btc. It's been pointed out to author that op_return's been increased, yet it still clips titles to fit ≈ 70 bytes which just leads to incomprehensible titles. Annoying. Update library.

I heard on the radio that the Juan tumbled last night, well duh, it was Cinco de Mayo. Oh wait, the 원 (₩).

Remy 2020! https://youtu.be/c5wn8zn5fF8

To all the people in the path of Cyclone Fani (East India), good luck & be careful! https://bch.gg/fani

Are you all hearing about what's happening in Venezuela today? Seems like a civil war has begun. Don't know if it will last or just be a flash.

http://honest.cash/ has a background image that seems to glorify people like Luke Dash, Jr & Greg Maxwell. These guys are kind of antithetical to Bitcoin Cash, the real Bitcoin. Does that seem strange to anyone else?