WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Got bored and starting dicking around with Paint Dot Net today: (Cat is suppose to be Wecx_ who has one in his avatar) https://i.imgur.com/ZWBz3h2.jpg

What stuff is easiest to grow in backyard? like in the Northeast USA region? I heard beans, lettuce, kale, and herbs are pretty easy. Organic food is expensive were I live.

Hey when did the Amish invent propane powered computers ??? Guess he's talking about the Mennonites instead... https://twitter.com/_Kevin_Pham/status/1131613503800848384


After BCH vs BSV HashWar: https://i.imgur.com/GMc4Pkn.jpg After Calvin runs out of money? https://i.imgur.com/46RrJKd.jpg

https://www.copyright.gov/press-media-info/press-updates.html?loclr=twcop https://i.imgur.com/JDHbXti.jpg Copyright Office doesn't check identity of pseudonymous named persons.

Don't fall for it a second time Crypto N00bs... https://twitter.com/Bitconnect2_0/status/1129820421837283329

https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/apc9c1/craig_wright_caught_lying_again/ https://twitter.com/MyLegacyKit/status/1097516964157698048 http://osaka.law.miami.edu/~froomkin/articles/tcmay.htm

Why did those AnCaps do a massive relocation to New Hampshire? Why not just move to somewhere not freezing your balls off in Winter time?

Bitcoin Cash seems to be growing support in North Carolina as they have many BCH ATMs there. Carolina people love shopping should be a good spot for Merchant Adoption.

THREAD: Keystone Pipeline is screwing up America. The pipelines can break and wreck havoc on environment. People are being forced out with eminent domain and arrested for protesting pipeline construction.

According to Github, OB1 Devs are considering Open Bazaar Private Installer: https://github.com/OpenBazaar/openbazaar-desktop/issues/1735

Memo is way better than Twitter IMO. People call out BS and moronic comments here. While on Twitter being the King of the Morons gives you 4k Twitter Followers and tons of retweets.

Why do Bitcoin N00bs still support BTC, if almost every coin in top 20 rankings can scale better? I get the old money guys wants to HODL but new guys will not get massive return in few yrs, right?

(1/3) Both ASIC and GPU Mining makes it so large cartels control majority of hashrate. Vaildator systems are premined and don't give vaildator's minted coins.

XRP GovMint Coin, most vaildators are Banking Institutions from what I heard. All coins premined and sold off in an ICO like fashion. XRP Tokens sold out in waves. Cherry-picked vaildator pool.


Stakes are high. I wouldn't show up to court intending to lie. Burden of truth is on CSW. https://imgur.com/qyp2L6S

Nuff said, Obey Sheeple. Become Blockstream's Bottom-Bitch, or be branded a Traitor for not following without question... /s https://imgur.com/xsYxicb

Latina Women are hot: https://imgur.com/gzBYwSx