WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Don't depend on any humans. History shows you will be down. Depend on the open sourced systems that our communities create to lead us into the future.

Cultivator if ideas, incubator of ideas, and equality in opportunity is capitalism to me. But it can be tampered with by power and influence. Decentralize it. #corruptionfree

Participative budgeting, open sources widely used platforms, and the power of exponentials in technology give people the upper hand over capitalism to come. Decentralize it. #corruptionfree

I say when in doubt, BCH. What say you?

UAW chief says electric vehicle revolution will cost them their jobs. I tend to agree with that sentiment.

We take and we take. At what point do we only give. It shouldn't be about money. It should be about sustaining life. Will we double the life expectancy in the next 10 years?

Iran and North Korea bypassing international sanctions with crypto. The world needs to wake up. World power is being disrupted as we speak. We are a global people, nations divide us.

I can't stand centralized, linear thinkers. They are all about power and influence. Decentralize it. Disrupt power and influence at its source. Call out all of the B.S. Don't let it stand.

Universal Basic Income vs. Universal Basic Resources? Ownership matters.

Running with the bulls!

Venezuela, bypassing international sanctions and changing the way we learn about governance one crypto transaction at a time.

Don't trust, verify. The new way.

Love this

We are heading to a post-capitalism world. Disruption to democratization. Demonetize everything. Survival will not be based from money any longer.

When memo.cash has over 1 million users, tips will dominate the social scene. Go memo!

It's way beyond skill.

Prediction - car ownership has reached its peak demand worldwide. Transportation as a service will continue to reduce the cost per km travelled. Car ownership will only decline. EAVs will reduce cost per km more!

DOGE surging!

Solar is the fastest developing technology currently. Worldwide crossover within 10 years. The end of fossils and gas is upon us.

I want to bring participative lobbying into reality using the blockchain, AI, participative budgeting, and (uncorrupted information)