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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Jtbobwaysf has gone out of their way to add as much FUD as possible in the past week.

Once Core baptized Litecoin as a legit "BTC approved" coin and deviated in other ways even from common sense what calling themselves having consensus is really "what most people think" - it's mob rule.

"We believe onchain scaling is the superior solution as it holds 3 advantages: higher blockchain throughput, higher network security, and higher degree of decentralization." shorturl.at/btF26

Seems someone is spending a lot of effort updating content on Wikipedia to discredit Bitcoin Cash. Its immediately obvious that the content is written by people who would love to see BCH fail.

What was SegWit's goal beside malleability? To increase capacity? That shows Blockstream planned never to hardfork again from the beginning.

The stress test should be concentrated during only one hour to make sure it's a real stress test which reaches full capacity and not just BTC level usage.

When you're taking flak it means you're over the target.

If you really think the government is/was involved in Bitcoin Core development to stifle Bitcoin https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/97rgxb/if_you_really_think_the_government_iswas_involved/

If BS just wanted to profit itd do its best effort to make BTC succeed first to have enough time to work on its gizmo on top of it in the same way a corrupt politician needs his country to prosper before he can rob it

Blockstream exists not to make money for itself, but to ensure the existing multitrillion-dollar revenue stream enjoyed by the entire fiat financial system. People understand what desktop publishing and later

I am starting to think that those opposed to bitcoin being used as money are absolutely terrified of 0-conf - not because of the risks, but because of its functionality.


Bitcoin Core The only true Bitcoin! https://bcore.org/

200 years ago if banks started issuing dollars backed by nothing Americans would have laughed and told them to fuck off with their worthless paper dollars

Blockstream is at fault for letting abominations such as XRP catch.

Bitcoin is NOT a democracy! Read the whitepaper: "Proof-of-work is essentially one-CPU-one-vote" is really proof of STAKE (as in money invested, not coins already mined).


Adam Back said IT IS A STORE OF VALUE at 16k....

If government was uncomfortable with BTC progression and if it was actually headed towards p2p cash, the gov would be kicking and screaming. The seas are awfully calm for an asset which is supposed to eat their lunch

a Consensus Algorithm That Requires Only 1% to Be Honest: https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/08/10/vitalik-buterin-proposes-consensus-algorithm-requires-1-honest