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How s2x fail if it had 95% signaling? An army of liars pretended they were the BTC community throughout social media. They claimed the community supported high fees, small blocks and a short delay until the arrival of

https://imgur.com/ESABHNS https://bitcoinfees.cash/

Paul Le Roux has nothing to do with bitcoin (Not that we know, at least) https://medium.com/@fbonomi/paul-le-roux-has-nothing-to-do-with-bitcoin-f534890430db

CSW caught lying in court? https://memo.cash/post/9d41091fd659287c496c239b3b43000f8b7949dc98bcdc54cca5a501a3062dd6

BCH may have labor pains but at least it doesn't try to cripple itself like BTC does.


ABC Bug Explained: https://imgur.com/7Kos1CY

"The attack was supposed to make everyone think hard forks are dangerous. The fact that we're on the other side of this even with a bug makes me feel hard forks are less dangerous because even when "something goes

TL;DR: No one in the crypto ecosystem will ever say 15 May 2019 was boring. Mere minutes into the scheduled Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrade, an unrelated bug was found, timed to be exploited for maximum negative

"The best part was reading /u/nullc 's fan fiction about old ladies being robbed, and then seeing him delete the comment when it was apparent he didn't understand what was going on." https://i.imgur.com/KuanIUS.jpg

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I think some miner is doing segwit recovery tx's for people.. anyone know what this is about? I see like thousands of these tx's... It's like millions of dollars being recovered. Here is a sample tx:



Each new features includes possible bug like this one. I know Bitcoin Core have the "best" dev but the number of code that was added in SegWit or LN probably have some serious issue once people start to get malice.

Whoever did this exploit Borrowed 180k BCH to try and short BCH on Bitfinex. This was an orchestrated attack for attempted financial gain.It was timed with a hard fork to try influence the price https://ibb.co/F5mSS0y

"an important note is that this was not a BCH bug, it was an ABC bug. BU was unaffected , i'm sure BCHD and other implementations are unaffected as well. Also the bug was old, but timed to be