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"I'm looking forward to having a stablecoin pegged to BTC. How ironic would it be if people started using a BCH token to transfer BTC value from one place to another to avoid having to move BTC itself."

Are there communities crypto where is widely accepted?


Facebook will reportedly announce cryptocurrency this month https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/05/facebook-cryptocurrency-coming-in-june-report.html

Memo was ahead of its time. We're going to have competition: https://www.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/bvx84n/voice_will_be_peoplepowered_and_not_controlled_by/


Wall Street Underestimating Bitcoin, But Could Takeover S&P 500. More Problems for US https://todaysgazette.com/wall-street-underestimating-bitcoin-but-could-takeover-sp-500-more-problems-for-us/

"It isn't just the censorship which allows the BTC cult to mislead so many people. They also gain 8 years' worth of creative material which still exists online (YouTube videos, blog articles, etc.)

"To use gold as a medium of exchange, historically, one had to turn it into coinage, which can be diluted causing inflation or banknotes, which can be printed without reserves causing inflation. If only there was some

"With the lie going around that Bitcoin was always mean to be Gold 2.0, you should not ask what it was designed to be, you should ask what you (and the masses) want it to be. They make it valuable."

"LocalBitcoins just banned cash transactions. It really only goes to show everything in the BTC ecosystem is compromised."

How fiat money falls: https://youtu.be/0IGnUf5D2oI?t=637


"A public ledger will force government to be transparent" -- No, they will just deem all their transactions as "National Security." The government will be able to "legally" obfuscate coins, while the

"Bitcoin (the tech) doesn't care about governments. It doesn't like them, hate them, or otherwise consider them. Governments however, have strong opinions on Bitcoin."

The Art of Rewriting History ... File this under Deception! https://imgur.com/P0PDuNu

"In October 2010 Satoshi proposed a hard fork block size upgrade. This proposed upgrade was a fundamental factor in many people's decision to invest, myself included. BCH implemented this upgrade. BTC did not."

The flak is always heaviest over the target. If you’re noticing constant attacks coming at you from all sides, chances are you’re closer to success than you may think. Keep going, you’re almost there.


"Nchain is basically the only BSV miner and they are doing permissioned mining where you need their permission to mine and they orphan other miners' blocks.. They have been mining at a loss to keep other people out of