WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议




I want to show my respect to @Ed, who is supporting and donating to every attempt of Venezuelan people to save their loved ones life. He is the ONLY person always tipping. My eyes are wet.

new story telling on Yours.org different aproach to create a reality https://www.yours.org/content/barrio-bitcoin--manifestingstory-with-an-open-end-1-c1de266f74c1

I used #fivebucks to let translate my listing into Japanese. shall you know anyone from Japan, let them know the news! https://fivebucks.com/listing/cryptodignity/make-melody-from-your-name

Check out @joyfulcomposing’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/joyfulcomposing/status/1027907380565209088?s=09 SoS raining like crazy Therefore busking online Ajajaj Lost wallet Need some magic ;)


What do you thing about this project? https://www.yours.org/content/cryptodignity-project--about-video--and--honorthedonor--satoshi-nakamo-0a99300d5f96

Manytimes people told me, I shall patentet it...nuah... But I can write it here :-) The E - System For Guitars - An alternative guitar method, using strings, shapes and numbers. Author: Misha Pelt

Check out @joyfulcomposing’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/joyfulcomposing/status/1016719676691439616?s=09 I'm not that funny but this one got some reactions ;) Have a nice day and don't forgot to smile ;)

Yours lovers and supporters, attenton pls! @DecentralizedDan just released 2 videos about Yours.org. share wide and far https://youtu.be/d69Xoi7AYus

Introducing Venezuelan guy into BCH while busking in Germany. Read it on yours if u like https://www.yours.org/content/summer-blog--3-meeting-a-venezuelan-guy--dante--in-germany--while-bask-f18601e15d26

I discovered another interesting mind on Yours.org. The world that hooked me in: mind control. https://www.yours.org/content/-nsfw---adult--one-ring---short-story-077dbbdf093a#comment-9f1a1561b907


that project failed, Alberto is probably too busy, but I have the skill and I want to do good with it. :-)

Trying how and if adding a link works. I re-launched my website. Trashed all old post. Exited to start all over :-) http://mishapelt.com/ Moneybutton is there too!

I am blown away! So many reactions. And tips! Thank you kindly :-) I truly appreciate it!

Hello :) I am trying the images. Did you know, that BCH has a guardian angel? Credit: Anika, 10years old :-) https://i.imgur.com/FbIS9vi.jpg?2

MoneyButton allowed people tip my website. 11 $ arrived. I sent 6 to @EatBCH. Cool. Dont need to be rich to care and share. Blockcain BCH Yours and all the innovations - cool powerful and empowering. So glad I am in.

Hey! Cryptodignity.com now has a money botton created by Yours.org. Stop by and test it!!! Lalala ;) I feel so exited to work on it more. You can comment too! And suggest who is next to have a tune. ;)