WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


https://memo.cash/post/01637bfea96ec9825690fcaef96f1138dc7ecc051a62c060ded509d8e282a14e Unfollow V. He's a Core troll, he was posting shit like this on faucet funds before I called him out

Decentralized websites on BCH https://twitter.com/christroutner/status/1118271262839541760?s=19

Everyone should raise their default tip for Memo's birthday, it will drive more interest and adoption Happy one year anniversary everyone, love you all! Long live Memo and blockchain!

Everyone should check out memo.sv posthaste. One of the biggest cringefests I've ever seen, there are wanted posters for CZ and Starcraft memes about revenge lol. It's like Bots Gone Wild over there rn

Tell Binance to denounce Greg Maxwell too. https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/11/11/gregory-maxwell-admits-he-emailed-craig-wright-to-offer-assistance

BCH ahead of LTC again!

BCH Price


https://imgur.com/rexLCaB I've almost sent 8k transactions today! It's really easy and quick with https://scale.cash, thanks to trashposter for the link!


BCH beat out LTC! https://imgur.com/OoJIUuc Plus we're almost at 10% of SHA256 hashrate https://imgur.com/TNX00ud

Oof 1 Bitcoin Cash = 3.468302 Bitcoin SV

BTC mempool is starting to look ridiculous https://imgur.com/T2PSzFI

Not looking good for SV... 1 Bitcoin Cash = 2.838363 Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Oh shit, BTC fees are over 70 cents https://bitcoinfees.info/

Anybody know what's causing the pump?

New explorer for SLP tokens - https://simpleledger.info/#alltokens People should start listing their simpleledger address in their profile, I'll send anyone who does some Memo tokens to get it higher on the list

Looks like the SV Memo faucet is getting low, they better drop the dust limit soon https://imgur.com/PALmdL6 BCH is looking great though, can posts be faucet-funded on a single chain yet? https://imgur.com/zItN7vI

The updates to the Android app are incredible, great work Jason. I'm almost browsing Memo more than Reddit now

https://www.reddit.com/r/collapse/comments/azta6k/xpost_reconomics_ubs_increases_us_recession_in/ Started up a conversation about Bitcoin/Memo in /r/collapse, welcome to anyone who is visiting from there