WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Memo is getting unusable due to the amount of bot messages. Not just new but also ranked. Just scrolling down constantly to find "real" posts.

Blockstream have the best interest of the BTC user at heart.

I put a banana skin on the pavement outside my house today. Those old cartoons were all lies.

Wouldn't it be ironic if lightning struck the blockstream HQ and turned their hardware into liquid ?

My battery at 5% and I'm not plugging it in. Living life on the edge 2018 style.

Anyone else notice that small units of bitcoin are called satoshi's and the guy who invented crypto currency was also called satoshi. What are the chances of that ??

Anyone in the UK use ee for fiber broadband ? What's I been like ? Would you recommend ?

Bit windy here in South West UK. Where ever in the world you are, if there's bad weather, and there seems to be a lot of it nowadays (global warming, not like we didn't know it was going to happen), stay safe people.

Bitcoin.com running a competition to win a $100 worth of coin. All you got to do is design a paper wallet. If you good at design give it a shot :-) https://paperwallet.bitcoin.com/

🐝🍋🐙🐱🔑🌞🕔☔🐘🚑🌛 🌞☂🐱🔑 👗🍦🐱🔑 Crack the code and win a little satoshi


Don't worry, I will be back tomorrow but for now I will say goodnight.

Cooking up a chicken and leek curry. It's going to be good :-)

Wednesday lunchtime means you halfway through the week :-)

Send me that t shirt Roger :-)

Tried a rustlers microwave burger for the first time. Will be the last time. It sounds like a bad idea and it looks like a bad idea and it tasted like a bad idea.

University challenge in 5 minutes. We play along at home with 1 point for a correct answer. 3 is usually a winning score ! #tuffquestions

I love memo but don't abandon twitter guys. The coretard army is strong on twitter and it's sad but true, throw enough shit and some will stick, spread enough fud and people will believe it. We need to tweet back.

Competition time 2 What is my dog's name ? 5k satoshi to whoever gets it right first (I know 5k satoshi a pretty low prize but it's just a bit of fun cuss I'm bored shirtless today :-)

Competition time ! Mrs CalmDownStupid and I are off to Tesco soon. How much (in £) will the bill be ? We are a family of 3 and this the weekly big shop getting most of the weeks grocery stuff. 5k satoshi to closest