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🏁============🏁 The finish line is in sight.

Wacky racer day 7, As the racers come out of the final turn and race for the 🏁 🚁 edges Infront of 🚶, 🚂 moves up to 3rd just ahead of 🛴 and the rest of the field follow. 🏁 Tomorrow :-)

I'm becoming a expert at ignoring emails.

Wacky racer day 6, 🚶Walks his way into first place, hovering above in 2nd is 🚁 and currently in 3rd is 🛴 just 1 point ahead of 🚂 Racers head towards the final turn tomorrow before the finishing line friday

Wacky racer day 5, 🚁 Fly's over the chicane stretching out his lead, 🚶strolls into 2nd and 🛴 drops a place to 3rd. 🚂and🚐 share 4th. Both 🚜and🚓 choose a bad line and drop several places..

Wacky racer update in about 30-40 minutes. Working late, again :-(

Wacky racer's day 4, 🚁 Literally takes off down the straight towards the chicane, 🛸 finally gets his pulse engines working making up ground while 🚌 again suffers aerodynamic issues. 🛴 Scoots into second.

Wacky racer news, Have a meeting this evening and prob not going to be home untill 9:30pm GMT so by time I've had something to eat and worked out times, race results may not get posted untill 10, later than usual.

Wacky racer day 3. 🚂 Is on rails as he comes out of turn 2 in 1st place, 🚶finds a shortcut around the corner and comes out second while 🚓🚜🚛🚌 battle it out for 3rd.....

Going to work out the "distance traveled" for the wacky racer vehicles, day 3 results will be up in about 10-15 minutes :-)

Nice 0.05 BCH free roll tournament starting in 25 mins on Blockchain poker, see u there :-)

Wacky racer day 2 official update. 🚜 Gets gets a great run down the straight taking the lead, 🚌 looks to struggle with aero dynamics dropping quite a few places. As they come to turn 2 the positions are.....

Wacky racer updated race positions in around 50 minutes...

Bought some coffee beans from a new zero packaging place in town. Want to support them but my god that's pretty shitty coffee. Disappointed. Not freaking cheap either.

Wacky racer's GO!!! A clean start off the grid and the racers jostle for position, things look tight as they head towards turn 1, a sharp left. Coming out of turn 1 in single file the race order is.....

The racers are ready..... 🛴🚲🛵🏍️🚙🚗🚐🚛🚚🚜🏎️🚒🚑🚓🚕🚌🚅🚂🚁🛸🚶

Wacky Racer GP official grid line up. All vehicles have been alloted to drivers (and walker!) First position update expected around 10pm GMT Gentlemen, start your engines !

Still a couple vehicles left I believe for the wacky racers GP. Registered vehicles and drivers so far are.....

Be sure to enter the wacky racer GP, almost half the vehicles have been chosen, only 11 vehicles left. Free 🍺's for the winners (1st,2nd and 3rd) Gentlemen, start your engines :-)

Wacky racer GP entry post. Pick a vehicle, 🛴🚲🛵🏍️🚙🚗🚐🚛🚚🚜🏎️🚒🚑🚓🚕🚌🚅🚂🚁🛸 Reply with your choice (check vehicle not already taken) Entry closes Friday 7pm GMT