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Yo, I need people to buy some honk i listed and more i have hodl’ed away. I’m tryna get myself a laptop, I’ll be needing it for school, and programming. Please consider it.

I listed honk for sale, I'm moving forward to be able to buy a computer, and some provisions for myself, food, water, etc. Please, buy them if you can id really appreciate it. Again, thank you.

Waking up from a nightmare, every little thing is gonna be alright, slip into your gas mask, every little thing is gonna be alright, spread out from the fallout every little thing is gonna be alright take my hand...

I especially feel as if the drama around bch is stupid, btc maxis and other shit main coins are junk, as is some of the community. BCH for life.

gonna dump the honk i have if y’all want it i’m gonna sell large chunks, thanks for watching here’s my soundcloud, patreon, twitter... jk

Hi guys, I need help. In 2017, the place I'm staying had a house fire and we lost everything in the process. We've worked hard putting it all back together but we lack basic needs, chairs, couches, etc. please help.

please buy my honks :D

Hello! If anyone is interested in $HONK please get at me here, or on telegram. I have a ton of it, and need some scratch. I'm willing to help spread honk love :D

Thanks to a good honkler, I have serious amounts of honk. If anyone would like to get in on this, please private message me here or https://t.me/beemospice for SERIOUS inquiries. Accepting BCH, thanks guys!

Anyone want some of my HONK? i was tipped a decent amount, and love passing it around. Serious inquiries only please.

Today is absolutely terrible, I'm trying to figure out how to unlock a efi lock, which I guess is impossible without soldering or taking things apart. Day is a 3 out of 10. #beemomemo

People tipping me (not here) stage and testnet coins is like kicking me in the nads, giving me a wedgie and then raising me up a flagpole with said wedgie.

I am very excited about bch and the community surrounding it, i could help out in any possible, excited to see bch make a difference (it has in mine)!

Yall this has been THE best community, spice is key and honk is life.