WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Has anyone tried and use Discord it is it good for Bitcoin groups

Hi guys. Been here for a bit now, and still like most of you here. Is there something wrong with me. Lmao (:

50 billion barrels of oil just discovered. Wow

That's it for me for bit. All tapped out. Can't buy any

That's crazy I go to buy spice and all the listings or way up now some been for three hundred each

Kinna sucks now I hardly get any tips on telegram ikd why I still go there lol.

Its crazy spice is like taking off. Like off the ground

Keep a stiff upper lip guys I just created Viagra and it's on the market here on memo

I'm not trying to look at the politics of this game I don't even know if I would understand them properly I'm just trying to make a few dollars the pay my bills and eat LOL

One thing about this place ask and ye she'll usually receive. I ask for a Santa coin not knowing it was a one already LOL

Someone sent me a trillion coins. Now I can go eat where trump eats at. McDonalds here I come

Not to far from Christmas who gonna make a Santa coin js lol

Guys I'm bringing my partner in his name is crypto Warrior I don't know what name he'll use here but between both of us maybe we can help push this project further

Yesterday I was having a very bad day. I apologise for any rash expressions or action's

Every time I try to send things to the exchange it never seems to show up

Just out of curiosity on the spice coin is the amount of coins all that can be minted, or can the person that created it mint more

I had plan on sticking around and I have purchased a lot of spice I was even promoting within my own groups and other places and I see no one sticking up for me when I was talk to like a bum

Cuz I'm not going to take any tips or hand out just for one of y'all to come back and throw it in my face and make me feel bad about it out of all the people in here I really needed it I do not wish to participate

Please no more tips to my post ty .. You guys have been great

how can I import all of my tokens too bad you're wallet all at once