WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Last chance to buy jug's of dehydrated water before the weather gets worse.. New process makes it last longer. (: lol

Omg its raining snowball's y'all. So purrtie

Are you guys aware of the shortage problem we are having with potato milk. This is a problem that will eventually affect all of us. (:

Guys the R-165 battery project is still on my mind to develope. One day the world shall stop hunting shell extracts, n stuff lol.

My covert's of poop coins are low. We must notify the Clinton Administration immediately

The county I live in found out I have never registered to vote anywhere so they secretly put my name on a voter registration. Can we say illegal and immoral. When I caught him at it they said oh it was a mistake sorry

I listed one of my tokens that I want a image pulled for if anyone can help me it's called photon. Need the 3 orbit atom symbol

Do you have occasional flatulence if so I declare you an alternative energy resource we must determine how many barrels you were worth and then create a coin after it

Okay everyone update on Badger wallet it is now working and showing all funds so far so good

Badger almost gave me a fart attack

Update on Badger wallet according to them they have been having a lot of complaints in the last hour of the same thing let's hope a hacker hasn't gotten our coins guys they didn't say they were doing an upgrade

When I talk go back and forth on things I can get the coins and show up for about 5 seconds and then disappear again and if I try to scroll up it goes away

Guys could everyone check their Badger wallets to see if your coins are still there please

I think someone stole all of my coins off of my Badger wallet none of my tokens are showing up at all if this is the case I give up Bitcoin

You guys probably think I'm an idiot don't even know how to do a pull request I'm not that proficient with computers are new technologies it's very confusing

there's no way I can figure that out I just want a simple URL to a atom symbol you know with the three loops or proton symbl

have you ever feel like you fell down the hole Alice in Wonderland there's no way some of these people can be real it just defies logic in Ben's the mind

What was that burn address again sorry for asking I didn't write it down

Hi guys. Been here for a bit now, and still like most of you here. Is there something wrong with me. Lmao (:

Has anyone tried and use Discord it is it good for Bitcoin groups