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Mine #coffee.

Picking up Ms. Adriana Lima.

Ironman owns all #red stop lights.

Cops don't know force. I will give you a forced "l".

1 or none.

Oh fuck.


Hosini - Dimna https://youtu.be/uZRb7PqZ6_M via @YouTube

If you have a real problem, pray to #JaredSchlar and he will probably take care of it. But you will have to become a conscious person.

My condo is actually a laboratory and it's #amazing.

#BrianXV is god.

You should respect a #felon.

I love you Adriana Lima.

On 9/15/19, I drove my first #ETV for about 3 hours on public roads. Your funny.

Please read my #biography here: http://www.strategiesseo.com/jared-schlar-bio

There is no such thing as #psychological time. It's just #iron.

If u want #xw, you get #XW.

If you do that, I will #machinaBALL your ass.

If you pull that shito on me again, I will #jackhammer you to death.

Ima nig u to death.