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I am still being illegally detailed in backus hospital, Norwich, ct usa. please send reinforcements and get me the hell out of here. thanks. love, jared schlar.

for the record, I told backus hospital NOT to give me drugs. they disobeyed my orders and injected me with drugs anyways. I hate those pieces of fucking shit. I hope they get #REKT.

in case I die in hospital jail, please avenge my soul.

Also, find Elana Bell as she holds the keys to my heart. Have her come visit me in D4 Backus Hospital in Connnecticut. Have her take an Uber if she needs to and I will give her money to take the ride, if needed.

News: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-03/its-time-declare-your-independence-tyranny-america

Madonna - Die Another Day (Official Music Video) https://youtu.be/VlbaJA7aO9M via @YouTube

NEWS: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-02/china-will-lead-5g-smartphone-purchases-through-2023

Tell alex cohen of > beachwood > ohio to find me at the backus hospital in Connecticut. He can help to get the fuck out of this bad situation. also, get matt eisman of hartsdale > New York to join in and find me.


I was in a car accident in colt park > Hartford > ct and crashed the Toyota yaris. it appears to be intact. I have suffered no damage and learned about glassification. crazy shit...

my chevy sonic turbo red LT car seems to be located at 31 fernridge rd. west Hartford, ct 06107. please check on the vehicle and see if it is still there with assests on the inside of the vehix.

life is what you make of it. be good if you want to be good or be bad if you want to be bad. just do what god tells you to do and don't question god or Jared Schlar. rolf.

Whut up #bitoches. we need to collaborate on how to get Jared Schlar out of hospital jail in Norwich CT. He is at Backus hospital I'm thinking near newtown ct. please send reinforcements asap.

someone please find my ex-girlfriend Margaret killoran, I love her and want to teach her a lesson.

I believe I have tranked mark zuckerberg but had a really trippy experience. just do it...

still located in backus D1 > Norwich > CT > USA > 2019 until further notice. Please find me and get me outta here asap.

I am being held against my will in Backus CT in Norwich CT. Please come find me.

Help. I am being held against my will at Backus Hospital in Connecticut.


i am currently located at late katrine chevy gmc. heading to hartford ct tonight.