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Don't interfere with my business.

Did you know that Darth Vader from Star Wars, allowed Luke Skywalker to cut off his hand in "Empire Strikes Back" because he prefers a robotic hand? https://imgur.com/UkYKCvH


I have title ideas for two films. Black Hat Down followed by The Black Hat Rises

I'm seriously considering having my company, Web Marketing LLC enter the video game industry. Thoughts? https://imgur.com/oLq5u8P

Here's my biz card. https://imgur.com/EdVCuwa

Heading to Copper Beech Mindfulness Meditation at 7pm tonight. Hope to see you there! https://www.copperbeechinstitute.org/


#bitcoincash https://imgur.com/pUYJv2E


Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Mix 2 (Electro//Cyberpunk) https://youtu.be/NQ3d2C7j0U4

Brave Launches Next-Generation Browser that Puts Users in Charge of Their Internet Experience with Unmatched Privacy and Rewards: https://brave.com/brave-launches-next-generation-browser/

Life is all fun and games until you run out of time.

No comment. https://imgur.com/OtjUOsB

You're slowing down my #research.

Puny human. Get out of my way. https://imgur.com/g57Df6j


I am #authentic. I represent myself accurately.