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To this day, I'm still wondering who the hell stole my SuperSoaker2000 out of my truck in high school?

Can someone explain to me what happened to Bill Gates on this night? https://imgur.com/jqOOavY

Fuck Zuck 2020 https://imgur.com/qJjgBYJ

My sincerest apologies if one of my "pet" projects sneaks out of the lab.

If you test me, you will fail.

You can call me the Royal Draco. https://imgur.com/op3SWTD

Meet the Pleiadians! https://imgur.com/gECZOar

Can someone point me to a link of how SLP dividends are distributed. Is it automatic or do you have to opt in?

Don't get me wrong, I always wanted to be a spy, I'm just sick of getting tranq'd. https://imgur.com/4XTBh5d

Is it true that Bitcoin.com is really Gojira (ゴジラ)?




Are you familiar with the fine body of work by Gisele Bundchen? https://imgur.com/coebMTP

It took 10 cop cars to bring me to the hospital last month. The hartford pd even stole $80 from my wallet in the process.

Did you hear about the east hartford, ct psychiatrist who went #psycho and killed his wife?

Is anyone interested in an #exotic car dealership? https://video.vice.com/en_us/video/inside-miamis-luxury-car-hustle-fake-it-til-you-make-it/5b59daa4be4077259b408021

Shutting down the streets of LA. Sideshow Takeovers: https://video.vice.com/en_us/video/shutting-down-the-streets-of-la-sideshow-takeovers/5cd9be9cbe4077570e4a3644?&ref=vice

Psychiatrists everywhere should think of me as black death, or a cool breeze in autumn.