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If humanity fails, squirrels will inhabit the earth.



Dr. Mushtaq of Capitol Region is a total quack.

Dr. Zeman of Institute of Living aka IOL is a total quack.

I adore the spice trade.

i'm not your bitch right now. https://youtu.be/VxNiEEtYe4Q

There will be no acts of terror in my temple of doom tonight.

What am I the cookie grabber monster?

Where is my favorite tomb raider in hartford?



Seize the moment because you might be dead tomorrow.

I have a #zero inch pecker. La la la.

Just give me the fucking sniper pustol so i can murder my daughter. The bad way.

your #rich bitch. https://imgur.com/bqCFTaN

i have a zero inch pecker. la la la.

Vandelay Industries from Seinfeld is heilarious.


how about we start the great #hartford scavenger hunt already? x marks the spot.