WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Sure seems to be a lot of dumping right now. I was thinking it was a bad sign when BCH couldn't stay over 300 after three attempts.

Only 14 hours until the upgrade. BCH will better tomorrow than it is today. https://cash.coin.dance/

Celtics should have an easy win tonight playing a 2-6 team at home.

The Sour faucet is empty. No more free sour for now.

I use Bitcoin Cash everyday. Whether it's Memo, Making a purchase, Transferring tokens, or whatever else. Unless another coin makes something I can't live without, I have no use for any other coin.

Only 2 days 13 hours until the upgrade. https://cash.coin.dance/


Another great article. BCH will explode. It's just a matter of when. https://decrypt.co/11370/bitcoin-cash-just-trumped-bitcoin-in-venezuela

Spice token up almost 10% from this morning. Wow.

24 more people can get 10 of the Happy New Years 2020 token. When BCH hits 1000, there iwill be a .5 BCH airdrop. 1.00 a token Just say party to get your tokens.

The spice token is starting to get really spicy.

300 right now. Wow. Explosion.

Looks like BCH is going to make another attempt at 300.


I kept hearing roll Tide, but it looks like the Tide got rolled.

The BCH must flow.

The little balloons on Where2cash app need to be color coded for physical location, online only, or both. If it's menufy only, the physical location doesn't have a clue about BCH.

I can imagine a Vegas casino having their own app with a Bitcoin Cash wallet and the rewards are integrated in the app so you don't have to carry around rewards cards everywhere. No searching for ATM's either.

I still have some Happy New Years 2020 tokens left. for anybody that hasn't gotten some. Say party and you get 10 Only 500 made. Air drop when BCH hits 1000.

As more and more people start to realize BCH is money. Less and less will be changed back to fiat, and the price will go up and up and up. And the volatility will slow.