WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Calvin Ayre, "Special Economic Envoy to the Government of Antigua" and the doyen of BSV, on Twitter: "Drinking Rum with Cuban dance team in Havana…" - https://archive.is/eBEUX

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Bitcoin (Cash) is sound money. When a billionaire threatens to sell it into the ground, you should take note because this will be an awesome buying opportunity.

You're shortsighted if you believe that gaining ticker control or *even* winning the most hashpower on Bitcoin will be enough to make people accept you dictating rules to the community.

https://twitter.com/btcfork/status/1064134743221043200 https://twitter.com/btcfork/status/992467764395864066

BTCfork did not and does not have a Yours.org account. Whatever presence is there is pretending to be us. Always challenge any account claiming to be btcfork to sign with the operator key.

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Today we got Proof of Not Satoshi.

Let's revise. A Bitcoin (Cash) blockchain re-org happens when a miner "rolls back" the block history for a bit and supplies his own "replacement history" which must evidence more work (spent hashpower) put in.

Keep calm and hash - Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is the name, Bitcoin is the game. :-)


https://nchain.com/app/uploads/2018/09/Rabin-Signatures-in-Bitcoin-Cash-v2.pdf 4e93506979e877d15e5872af51ac0d3451330cf24e4a399ee2c734cf6dc40a6d

How did I miss this :-D https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2018/10/28/twitter-remove-like-tool-bid-improve-quality-debate/ I just hope Memo keeps its 'Like' button!

As there is no-one in Bitcoin (Cash) who can grant or deny permission to use or build on top of the protocol and system, and all its users have the right to co-determine its rules, we call it: --- PERMISSIONLESS ---

Did I break https://bitcoinfiles.com or the file explorer linked to by it? My test upload hasn't showed up for ~11 hrs, & the last upload I see in the explorer is stamped 2018-10-24 21:46 No reply yet via Twitter DM

Wager between myself (@btcfork) and @StackmyBCHup on November fork outcome https://archive.is/CFFlc ref. https://twitter.com/btcfork/status/1055295687879991296

"The differences between the various proposed technical changes to the block chain, are far less important to the futures of those forks, than the integrity of the people who support and do business using them."

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