WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Joe Rogan's podcast is invaded by a Legion of Skanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q44OJasErI

Come play me in a round of heads up texas-holdem poker with BCH. 10k sats to buy in. https://blockchain.poker?tournament=209

I traded a little spice to get in on the airdrop. https://i.imgur.com/jRS5IY9.png

Come play me in a heads-up game of Poker. 10k sats (like 3 cents), winner takes all. https://blockchain.poker?tournament=204

Let's play some Heads Up Texas Hold 'em Poker. 25k sats to buy-in. We can play for higher stakes if you feel like it. https://blockchain.poker/#/?table=47654

Anyone down for a round of poker? 25k sats to buy in. I'll be waiting around at this table if you want to play. https://blockchain.poker/#/?table=47654

I'm on blockchain.poker right now. Come play me. 25k sats to buy in. (8 cents or so) At this table: https://blockchain.poker/#/?table=47654

What's up with this error I keep getting when trying to post here? https://i.imgur.com/1mWx5TN.png

Play me in poker. 25k-50k sat buy-ins. (like 8 - 16 cents) https://blockchain.poker/#/?table=47654 25k Sats

I'm gonna be around this evening if anyone wants to play some poker with me. 25k sats to buy-in. Dixnorkel and I had some fun playing last night. https://blockchain.poker/#/?table=47654

Someone, please come join my poker table. Only 25k sats to buy in. I feel like playing poker! https://blockchain.poker/#/?table=47654

Come play some poker with me. 25k sats to buy in. 250 / 500 sat blinds I'm going to try and hang out on this table more regularly if u ever want to play. https://blockchain.poker/#/?table=47654

blockchain.poker is incredible. deserves to be way bigger than it is. Feels like a killer app to me. Could easily be sold to a mainstream poker audience. Huge potential.

I'm prepared to make obscene amounts of money promoting custom printed products (shirts, mugs, etc) on Facebook during the upcoming 2020 Presidential election. Going to buy a lot more bch with my profit Very excited!

btc may be crushing everything right now, but at least it's crushing ltc harder than bch 😁 https://i.imgur.com/SGvzSQp.png

Local US Government To Use Bitcoin Cash SLP Tokens https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/c7vshk/local_us_government_to_use_bitcoin_cash_slp_tokens/

BSV gets a shoutout on the Joe Rogan Experience. https://twitter.com/youtubeclipking/status/1144417266055823360

I don't agree with Democrats on anything, but I like Tulsi Gabbard because she is a hardcore anti-war military veteran. It completely separates her from the rest of the pack. I'm rooting for her to shake things up.

BTC is crushing everything right now, but BCH is holding up much better than all the alts other than ETH so far. We are gaining on XRP. Just one 2x pump on BCH is all it will take to flip it. VERY possible.

This is proof that @bitcoin on Twitter has the potential to DOMINATE the core accounts in terms of Twitter engagement, with the right Social Media strategy. https://twitter.com/Bitcoin/status/1142331498349002752