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blockchain blockchain blockchain, it's a thing

"we really have our work ahead of us lost 8-9 years should have had a lot more adoption in a sense we have but it's unfortunate it shattered in 2000 pieces, lost focus." GabrielCardona & @theBCHboys https://bch.gg/ap

https://bch.gg/aq valuable interview Gabriel Cardona and @theBCHboys chatting about ICO's "vitalik wanted to build on BTC they stopped that. ICO's should have happened on BTC they shut that down ethereum happened"

"I'm grateful to the stress test BCH team we've shown that we can spike the network like crazy we got scale that's super super important." Gabriel Cardona and @theBCHboys

"we won we got Satoshi's vision we have the technology we don't have to fight that battle anymore. I personally don't get pulled into BTC/BCH battle better to face forward, build bridges." GabrielCardona

"it feels good to see people take #bitbox and put a spike in the test... I think we'll come close, we'll get very close or we'll break it. We might smash it BIG time... a lot of outreach, 5mill might be small."

"what are you looking forward to with the test?" "we'll come close to 5million transactions Aug1 +/- 700k transactions... I'm not sure if we'll hit the number from my perspective it's already been a success."

Aug1 was a victory forkdotlol transaction chart epic history making status. We are the business friendly blockchain. listening to GabrielCardona chat with @theBCHboys

"the divorce ended up being the best thing that could have happened shook out the two tribes we have a window of opportunity tribe proactive about being cash for the entire planet. ...leverage opportunity." GCardona

"I am a little bit less traditional... we should move forward aggressively being willing to change the network do what it takes to be incredibly successful I envision bitcoincash fulfilling Satoshi's Vision" GCardona

"Satoshi's vision was right on that's why we're seeing tokenisation We should not be surprised when big companies start launching on Bitcoincash be surprised if they don't start doing it soon." GabrielCardona

https://youtu.be/hV3JUz0stec?t=1088 GabrielCardona chats with @theBCHboys about the stresstest ""I've heard that similar teams have done similar tests on the test net.. that's probably true, I haven't seen any data."

critics of the stress test: "you're just spending UTXO set" "scale.cash we do a fan out, send left over dust to EatBCH.. classic argument 'is it spam? we're paying the fees anyone can pay the ticket can take a ride."

"it doesn't matter to businesses if you say to them we've done it on the test net they want to know if you've done it on the main net that's what really matters." GabrielCardona chatting with @theBCHboys booooiiiis.

https://bch.gg/ao “When things started going bad, they went bad fast.”

https://bch.gg/am a little bump from yesterdays efforts

Following my favourite bot the one that feeds transactions to bitcoincash with ease. https://memo.cash/topic/txBlaster2_bot

shoutout to @BCHNWO Y O U R O C K *mate* THANKYOU

@txblaster2 handles the pace, "what stress? gimme more." OK. 5 million transactions in a day getting some practice in.

just * W O W * these #bitcoincash transactions are living art https://mempool2.ratel.money/