WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Balance in badger wallet is showing a different balance (higher, and where it should be) than when I look up the address on the block explorer... what gives with that? Anyone have any ideas?

And that my friends is how you win a mothafuckin game! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! What a damn streak!!!!!! LETS GO CELTICS!!!!

#CelticsWinAirDrop Looks like we got a game... finally some competition! Keep it alive fuckers!

@memo when viewing a specific token, it would be great to display how many of that token the user actually has.. perhaps at the top of the page, by the token name? [user name] 234 spice in wallet? Sounds good!!! ;)

GAME DAY SUCKAS!!! Let’s keep this streak alive!!!!! LETS GO CELTICS!!!!

A night without a Celtics game is, well, a boring fucking night...

Going on another hour block... sheesh!


Walker keeps hittin these threes like a... shit I’m stumped... but damn, he’s hittin uhm! #letsgoceltics

Game time bitches!!! LETS GO CELTICS!

@blazer We gonna do another token Tuesday tomorrow on reddit and/or memo?

https://giphy.com/gifs/90s-larry-bird-sQpl7yebgk3Pq GAME DAY PEOPLE! We got a big one today.. keep that streak going! LETS GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!

Oldie, but goodie! https://youtu.be/sJeuWZNWImE BLIIIIINK MOOOOTHA FUUUCKA!!!

Let’s just get this whole sideways market over with... can we all just agree that BCH is $10,000 a piece and start trading at that level... I vote yay! Who the f cares.. leeeeets goooooooo!! Lol

Best way to accumulate DROP tokens? Go!

@memo direct message on chain where private parties can only view the message, key to key... possibility?

https://imgur.com/gallery/yxiAdYo I mean... could you get any more aroused for a game??! #LETSGOCELTICS

Almost the weekend... we got ADD tomorrow... The Celtics, who are gonna come up with a BIG win.. Collier coin coming up soon.. boy are we in for a GREAT next week or so! I’m as pumped as a ball on game day!! WOOOO!

Almoooooooooost... on our way to another CELTICS WIN!!!!!!!!! Keeeeep it uuuuup!!!

https://i.gifer.com/3tgK.gif Let’s f in doooooo thiiiiiisssss!!!!!!