WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议

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Facebook loosing $1,700 per second .... music to the ears.

Other providers gone dark? Flip the tracks to Memo.

The 2016 Bernie Sanders Campaign paid over $7,450,000 in AMEX fees. #middlemen #bitcoin #politics

Oh high river these shoulder grow weary and tomorrow's will becomes overbearing

Retirement is the carrot that keeps new families from amassing wealth over generations.

This exists despite of law. The legal business model is out-dated.

Payday, and the tide returns...

JPM Coin: Target Acquired

Another day another calculated misstep for SV: sunsetting P2SH.

Anytime the sky parts we drown in anticipation forsaking our knowledge of what must come to pass.

I'd like to thank those paying for Mobile Data for enabling me to look-up real-time traffic for free.

Riddle: "Always moving never walking And pick up only pages." Award: 1 Million SAT (ABC) Answer (Salted) SAH256: 7625137cb8ff4dbfa8fce77bab7f8b812c689ae05b25a13cba32b28ec181b2ed

More progress made on the BCH on-chain game...still on schedule for launch w/ next network upgrade May 2019.

Custom ABC and Spedn successfully built ... now onto that contract.

Who killed Virwox w/ paypal ?

Enjoying working with CHECKDATASIG...interesting things in the works.

Facebook ditched the /live (map with user streaming) and now it's a youtube clone. The reasons just keep coming....

Is a combination of POW & POS worth exploring?

3 BCH user on-boards this week.

Bitcoin : SV :: Napster : Roxio