WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


My brother got a job at Consensys. I told him to tell them ETH can’t scale and has too many bugs. Informed him to push Wormhole tokens for BCH. Hope BCH takes over.

You never sell your BCH. You put it up as collateral. Hope this clarifies.

Txblaster2, can you create a way to spam BTC network too? We can all work together to break the network the day before we stress BCH

You buy the stocks with your BCH. You use BCH like cash. When you sell the stocks, the broker gives you profits in BCH.

not selling BCH for stocks. Buying stocks with BCH

Why do we have to build BCH adoption from ground up? BTC loyalists need to realize supporting Blockstream is not helping them. How damn long will it take for them to see the light?

Garbage BTC sparked this crypto winter but I’ll keep earning my BCH

txBlaster2, you should take more of the tip for your profits and for the 24x7 cloud fees. or do you have a separate account I can tip for your services?

i'd rather just tip without reply and you stress. I sent a couple tips.

The BCH profits are pegged to fiat value so it depend. e.g, if BCH value doubled, they would only give me 15 BCH instead of 30.

But if BCH value dropped by half, I would get 60 BCH profits instead of 30.

I’ve showed you I make 30 BCH HODLing stocks in my portfolio. I will continue to post pics and my moves here for those that’ll love more Bitcoin ❤️

Buy stocks with BCH if you love making more Bitcoin

Don't like to mess with stocks? Then get NDX100 which is NASDAQ index. Get 0.1 NDX for every 1 BCH you deposit.


1 BCH = 1,000,000 BIC. So as you can see, 30 BCH profits total. I do not recommend getting positions this big to start.

i buy when FAANG stocks have a correction. FB (facebook) and NFLX have had corrections. So I bought more.

NFLX price grew almost 100% this year alone. Imagine you had 5 BCH worth of NFLX? that would be 10 BCH now.

NFLX is the most risky but greatest rewards. It’s price grows like crypto