WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Bitcoin cash wallet Unlimited stuck on 5 yrs smth weeks, is there any reason to this ( block source not available, 16 connections to chain ) So, uh ?????

Harrowing Saw ( The Fourth Ghost) - Into the Raven Part 3 - Fiction https://staging.busy.org/@aschatria/harrowing-saw-the-fourth-ghost-into-the-raven-part-3-fiction https://i.imgur.com/N6T9uOk.png

Steem blockchain experiencing issues ... #memocash time to take over? https://twitter.com/steemnetwork/status/1168239720733827083?s=21 Also, my BCH wallet at 5 yrs and still filling up. Gonna watch a movie or smth.

World is a masterpiece. You never saw something so beautiful, never you will. Make it a sanctuary for the nice prosperous souls full of love, joy and light. Power to the light, light always wins.

The only way to get harmed by words is a papercut 😂🤣

Libra is active. Get what you can before it is over. https://uplibra.io?refer=11427 UPLibra early warm-up round - Gain free 3,000,000 Libra in advance. https://i.imgur.com/n4wPagJ.png

Facebook rolled out their precious airdrop, maybe there's some money in there https://uplibra.io?refer=11427 Take some cash 4 free all those rampant rants won't pay bills or make life better.

Life is too beautiful to let sociopaths roam. Take them to cleaners!

Irritating little sounds removed, now fast forward with nice things. 🎶

I have this bad feeling that Illuyanka is gaining his powers back like Magneto... https://youtu.be/LzPZEfBlJPw

I say to guy in random 💥🔥 debate to sit down, he sends meme of sloth LYING DOWN. Also, how d f he knew I like sloths? 😳 #witchcraft 👻

I expect snowflakes cryin' and petals flyin' 💋 BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

I was in war & showed more courage when I was only a kid then most of you in here will ever in your entire life. So when you talk war, better shove it and shut the fuck up you illiterate random imbecilic spoiled turds

Guy on @Crearynet steals @KurtChangArt artwork and sells it as his own #cryptocurrency #news #crypto #copyright #art https://aschatria.github.io/guy-on-creary-steals-kurt-chang-s-artwork-and-sells-it-as-his-own/

Passion's unstable, logic's constant. Sounds rusty as licey excuse of movie it came from. One of slides looks FAT! Good luck with pickles & jokes. & when I think that thunder was step away 4u. Pity. Gen I feel sad

#steem experiencing problems bc of a hardfork...? ok, what other 10 000 webs are doing today... #memocash


Been a mosquitoes super poke pillow while my diabetic kid three feet from me without any bug block sitting there like The Shrine of Untouchable.

El Gato Ain't we magick today... 🤣 https://i.imgur.com/ffR4mIE.gifv

Mosquitoes are assholes but they are very smart #life #nature #humor #funny #lol #steem #whaleshares #weku #publish0x #cent https://i.imgur.com/m1vOm2g.png https://aschatria.github.io/very-smart-mosquitoes/