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(Thread) Looks like I was "Wright", the smaller players are gearing up to fight the Bitcoin Sith Lords via Vulture fighting method. Attack, Stop, Attack, what until one Lord is wounded and peck at him.

Is the new star logo a re-memo button? @memo

A wise predator doesn't attack a far stronger foe when he's in his prime, if he can avoid it. Remember that when you suddenly big figures pounce on Bitcoin Sith Lords, and try putting the final nail in BSV's coffin.

Left the bounty price out of this meme template, don't want the mental gymnasts actually trying to rat people out. https://imgur.com/AXJDLV3

Metanet Thread: According to Chris Pacia's article the Web is over 3 Exabytes. Server PC with 10 drives at 60TB (unreleased high capacity) Drives = 600 Terabytes. Too small for single full chain of whole internet.

Unpopular Opinion: Trump and bureaucrats likely want to a coin under full government ownership/control. It's very unlikely they will warm up to Libra unless it's under Banking Regulations.

You are not suppose to challenge Darth Plagueis (Uncle Calbin) over his Global Warming theories. CSW is the Apprentice not the Master in Bitcoin Sith Version. https://imgur.com/ellzXZB

PSA: Twitter Drone Army. Remember who is bank rolling the whole Sith Version operations and refrain from grinding his gears. Educate yourself of how deep his pockets are. -Signed Inquisitor CryptoShoppe

Global Warming debate has been going on in 60s and 70s, died out for a while but now it's magically true again? It's a bullshit tactic to gain more tax dollars for funding the massive bureaucratic political empire.

@memo when is there going to be an SLP Token CoinMarketCap Pricing thing for memo.cash?

Twitter down for maintenance, no fucks given.

IPFS is a good thing. If we didn't have it everyone would be stuck kissing down to YouTube, and centralized eCommerce platforms. OpenBazaar was reborn with IPFS Networking in v2+

Think I'm going to put less time into Twitter. Too many vulgarian trolls and bot accounts. I don't have enough time to waste blocking the entire One-Liner Bot Armies.

We need to continue to resist Censorship and deplatforming by big companies. I'm not promoting unlawfulness but a peaceful rebellion against the social media censorship whores. Use IPFS Based Systems.

I don't want to comment on the CSW thing. Many critics are being smeared on social media and there is the real threat of lawsuits against anyone who speaks out. I'd rather just focus on other topics aside from Craig.

Hey @bchjs.cash, how do I make IPFS web links on Windows 10 or 7? I heard there is a way to resolve them to my own domain name(s).

I'm muting all the bot accounts. Morons who copy pasta and can only speak one-liners are a waste of my time.

This was a funny one. Amish don't use electricity. https://imgur.com/njQoSyY

I just joined Open Tube another IPFS Youtube Competitor. Not sure if anyone in Bitcoin is on their but it should make a good backup in case YouTube decides to keep de-platforming people.