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"Apple Product Launch" - a bad lip reading https://youtu.be/ArjUUDhntzE

Hello Memoians! Better Place Than CastBox? https://castbox.fm/vb/120123535

Castbox test share https://castbox.fm/vb/120107437

The Social Audiobook

Skycoin VS ETH https://youtu.be/Jm4JNpv47vQ Cent https://beta.cent.co/+8bntgj Yours https://www.yours.org/content/skycoin-vs-eth-a1c455b9d0cc Honest https://honest.cash/anarchovegan/skycoin-vs-eth-1532/

3 Bergs In 1... video https://youtu.be/W2WFfj6K01Q

Where the fuck did the minds.com app go??? It used to be in the google play store and I don't see it now!

The Big Financial Freeze On Its Way https://youtu.be/jZnGbT4u4tk

Gillette and Toxic Masculinity https://youtu.be/D4XNzvyaglU

Honest Isn't Better Than Cent For Everyone https://honest.cash/anarchovegan/honest-isnt-better-than-cent-for-everyone-1529/

The Tyranny Of Labels https://youtu.be/qOLSOPsp-t8

The Nature Of The Beast https://youtu.be/OfOjU-ncqtc

History Of Jailbreaking https://youtu.be/CcUk4xy-Ai8

@memo Why does the new notifications number count go away even if I don't check them?

Chaotic Neutral https://youtu.be/kbwLC3Yr8vA

Why do the notifications go away even if I don't check them?

5g: Bad For You, Probably Causes Cancer https://youtu.be/Qmg_a316qb0

I want the obvious future of a phone that folds out into a tablet. Why would you use a desktop or laptop once these are up to par? It's a gimmick now. Eventually, it'll be the standard. https://youtu.be/_VsGhBSP7Z0

Samsung And Apple PARTNERING All the more reason to leave Samsung? https://youtu.be/91vItWm2RaQ

Quantitative Easing... AKA, Financial Diarrhea.