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Blake hasn't been around for 50 days. Well I guess the app won't be fixed anytime soon. At least I know the links are technically fine. I thought they were now messed up everywhere.

How do you export your private memo key to another wallet? What kind of wallet? ABC/BCH? BSV? Computer? Mobile? What's the process?

Memo YT link test https://youtu.be/qKloWjCrNn0

#WholeFoodsChallenge #Vegan #WholeFoods #JailedForQuestions https://www.facebook.com/directactioneverywhere/videos/2011810445515961

Can you cash out from memo.cash? I think people have said that you can, but it's a long strange process. Right?

Hey. It's been a bit. Stopped using this site as much per the YouTube links being all crazy.

I think my drier is triggered. It's literally shaking.

China is fucked up. So is USA. YEE.

Declaring something hate speech is Literally hate speech, and should be the first form of hate speech banned if a ban ever does occur, to prevent damage to freedom of speech: verbal self-defense, this is.

While you can reply infinitely, your computer or phone can't render infinitely. That's obviously your fault, @memo. Make better phones. ;) Also, @blake, the unofficial app is broken and won't post videos properly.