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Stump An Anarchist - Taxation Is Theft! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2103058166452645&id=829296630415360

Anti-anti-semetism is creepy. Judaism is a religion. Religion is bullshit. Calling your bullshit beliefs your race is bullshit. I'm anti-semitic. Fuck religion. https://youtu.be/meDKtJboOks

Imagining Numbers As Shapes https://youtu.be/hP-DZMmQBng WOW AWESOME!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Talking with Tutanota on Reddit about whether they need Voluntaryist help against the government to enable terrorism-free funding: https://www.reddit.com/r/tutanota/comments/afifpt/comment/eerezy5

Tried to like Sam's post. Liked my own instead. Tried to undo the like. Double-liked my post instead. *facepalm*

@memo Is there a Monero Memo so our transactions and posts can be private?

I love posting to memo instead of fb. But why are the yt links fucked up now?

Do u wanna build a snow dick? https://youtu.be/UZecIN0S9Kk

Joyless: Why I'm Leaving Smoke.io https://smoke.io/life/@anarchovegan/joyless-why-i-m-leaving-smoke-io

Gillette Gets WOKE And Goes BROKE! https://youtu.be/V3ymUmZHUME

Bird Box in a nutshell https://youtu.be/4N0qwuG3MaY

Despite having an awesome ad, Old Spice's Parent https://youtu.be/srXChURjbqI company is also Proctor & Gamble, just like Gillette, now known for hating men. https://youtu.be/7iJgWrO9_oQ

Blood Moon eclipse tonight. Next one in 2022.

Smoke.io: Off-topic? Offensive! https://smoke.io/offtopic/@anarchovegan/smoke-io-off-topic-offensive https://beta.cent.co/+f9do0u https://honest.cash/anarchovegan/smokeio-offtopic-offensive-1714

Luis Mises Destroys Communist In Debate https://youtu.be/hZgIbFLJCZ8

Delayed Weed Knockout... Is That A Thing? Cent https://beta.cent.co/+eze2n3 Smoke https://smoke.io/smoking/@anarchovegan/delayed-weed-knockout-is-that-a-thing

Face of Pre-Crime: China's Shockingly Accurate A.I. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaW3bvsqLjA https://www.yours.org/content/face-of-pre-crime--china-s-shockingly-accurate-ai-877d5cb6aa97

Smoke.io: Off-Topic Not Allowed? Smoke https://smoke.io/offtopic/@anarchovegan/smoke-io-off-topic-not-allowed Weku https://bch.gg/smokevsweku Cent https://beta.cent.co/+9fm6zk

Picture test from Trello https://trello.com/c/GVolAWhs/1-couldnt-use-esteem-to-bypass-steemit-error https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2435196899886967&id=100001900435521

And I Can Log In Now! (To Castbox) Cent https://beta.cent.co/+dvfp40 Smoke https://smoke.io/life/@anarchovegan/and-i-can-log-in-now ello https://ello.co/somethingsea/post/e7uj_ljrpcoyiwsel8ioeg