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just got another friend setup with a wallet and small amount of bch




imagine if 1 satoshi = 1 usd in years times, lol us sending thousands and millions over and back to each other.

Imagging thousands over and back just as tips loline if 1 satoshi = 1 usd in years times, lol us sending thousands and millions over and back to each other lol

dont let religion or ideologies seperate you from your fellow man trashpostern dark. we share this planet together


https://memo.cash/topic/Golden+Mean+Phi+1.618 I put this together guys, most mind blowing studies of my life

I Love the BCH Community, everyone working together to make a better world. Love u guys and gals.

There are many reasons why bch can rally, but i think the market has decided that bch is the clear winer out of the fork and hash war. If anything it was a blessing for anyone who managed to increase ther bch position


we have over 4% hash power atm :)



Bitcoin Cash is a big fat elephant in the room


fuck it, here goes this weeks rent, BCH 161, lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least i dont need a bank acc if i become homeless, the weather getting warmer neways :)

hi johnaton welcome to memo