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the Bitcoin.com Wallet now lets users sidestep exchanges altogether, so your bitcoin cash is under your control from the moment you buy it.”





Additionally, the BCH application Cointext, an SMS-powered BCH wallet that enables permissionless access to borderless cash by allowing people to text bitcoin cash to any mobile phone, is now supported in 42 countries



Furthermore, BCH supporters are looking forward to Schnorr Signatures this May. Between Schnorr, Neutrino, and Cashshuffle, the BCH network will be packing a whole lot of privacy protocols.

V please stop with ur negativity

The micronation of Liberland’s SLP token, merits (LLM), has a market valuation of $952,253 at the time of writing.

Lots of other development has taken place with projects like Badger Wallet, the Last Will Platform, Cashshuffle, Blockupload, Crescent Cash, Bchgallery, Menu.cash, SLP Lode Runner, Neutrino, Lazyfox, and Taskopus.

There’s been an increase of BCH usage since the price jumped 91% as there’s been a great number of new projects lately pushing real-world use.