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Happy Upgrade Day Everyone!

I got engaged November 5th 2019.

My best friend had his first child & as a gift I gave her a hardware wallet & some BCH. If anyone wants to help Kaya's college fund please feel free to do so: bitcoincash:qzga6el0lxh3t42t72nh3amsp5muj6s9ksdqdxm7nz

I dunno dude.....

How do I send tokens to memo to sell?

I feel...............................hope.

Top 3 worse days of all time?

Stupid irrational fear.

I have almost perfected disappearing.

Thank god the "trial period" is over.

On the one hand I am happy beyond words. On the other hand being away from you for the next 2-3 weeks is going to be an ever present and lingering fog.

I felt like I had gotten to read the introduction to the most amazing story and I was afraid I would never get a chance to finish reading it.

I am sorry anytime I make stress for you. But I promise I will do my best to make the positive things I add to your life much greater than these moments of discomfort.

Without your help I wouldnt be here today.

YOU should go to bed!

T is the best!

I'm doing my part!

I was right. Everything is upside-down now. Perhaps that is for the best. Water that does not flow becomes diseased. #逆さま

Double typhoon headed my way. Maybe inside and out.

Last weekend I was the happiest I have felt in a very long time. Now that fact will be etched in the blockchain forever.