WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


BAB 2.8% and dropping... MoE cannot compete with digital gold/global hedge SoV

A enthusiastic guy wrote on /r/btc "I just got my first full BCH coin"... And the BCH crowd responded with "Now go sell it, don't hold!". Amazing....

$BSV still forked into 2 distinct coins. $BSV 0.1 chain (legacy) has had only one block, but still has majority of transactions (significant drop though). $BSV 0.2 is being mined but with minority of transactions.

Bitcoin Cash is the flat earth movement of crypto. Bitcoin SV is the flat earth movement INSIDE the flat earth movement that believe the flat earth has been compromised.

BCH below <3% of a BTC.. <2% next...

A Bitcoin ABC coin was worth 10% of a real bitcoin a year ago, 5% a month ago and currently just 4.2%. That is called an opportunity cost.

"Bitcoin is the first scarce digital object the world has ever seen, it is scarce like silver & gold, and can be sent over the internet, radio, satellite etc." - @100trillionUSD

If miners could dictate consensus, does that mean that the vast majority of miners today want BTC the way it is? Or maybe miners actually can't dictate consensus, they are slaves to the network of full nodes and UASF.

There is only one real Bitcoin, the rest are counterfeit the moment they copy the name and make their job into fudding BTC.

Bitcoin Cash along with VISA, Mastercard and Swift has solved the scaling problem by not being decentralised

BSV: Trust Craig S Wright the benevolent dictator BCH: Trust Amaury Séchet the benevolent dictator BTC: Don't trust - verify.

Nobody disputes that raising the block size lower fees. Those opposed to the idea argue that raising the block size makes an unacceptable tradeoff with the level of security and the degree of decentralization.

So when BCH has terabyte blocks and nobody can validate the chain anymore. Why use a blockchain and not a regular database, or why not switch to EOS like DPoS as PoW is meaningless in this "trust the miners" scenario.

The added size of the blockchain after 10 years with full blocks: BTC: 2 MB - 7 tx/s - 1.0 TB BCH: 32 MB - 112 tx/s - 16.8 TB BSV: 128 MB - 448 tx/s - 67.3 TB VISA LEVEL: 485 MB - 1700 tx/s - 255 TB

A 2x block size increase is nothing compared to the scale of millions of transactions per second through the Lightning protocol.

Segwit transactions, transaction batching, schnorr signatures, inter-exchange sidechain settling, layer2 offchain payments There are many smart ways to optimize block space other than merely raising the block size.

BCH: "A protest movement based on various conspiracy theories, often revolving around the misconception that Core developers control Bitcoin and have been corrupted by Blockstream and/or other outside influences."

Imagine Memo.Cash getting real adoption. And now multiply that 1000 times with of all other possible on-chain apps. The blockchain would need gigabyte blocks and I hope the promise of endless "fast and cheap tx" hold.

"Bitcoin isn't currently practical for very small micropayments. Not for things like pay per search or per page view without an aggregating mechanism" - Satoshi Nakamoto That aggregating mechanism is LN my friends.

Lightning Network is the true Peer-to-Peer electronic cash system as you connect to other nodes (P2P) to send payments. With Bitcoin on-chain you send your transaction to the P2P network but it's confirmed by miners.