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One thing I've learned from posting a #dailymemo a day is that time moves slower than it feels. It's only been four months since I started but it feels like at least twice that. Need to be patient with BCH as well.

I ain't going to lie. It doesn't look great for BCH right now. But I'm still around because I can see its potential to change the world. You don't come across something like that every day. #dailymemo

Sometimes there's just nothing to say. #dailymemo

One day people will be posting memos like they're sending out a prayer. #dailymemo

On a weekend getaway with the kids and enjoying the end of summer. Living in a first world country I can see why people are so skeptical of Bitcoin. They don't feel there's a need. We've been anesthetized. #dailymemo

I've been casually looking into other coin communities recently and none of them compare to BCH. They all seem to have similar goals but BCH has by far the most going for it. I'm convinced I chose right. #dailymemo

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away~~~ Now it looks as though they're here to stay~~~ #dailymemo

Working through my 2nd draft. Plan is to finish 2nd draft by the end of September, then a 3rd draft a couple of months after that. Then hopefully it'll be ready for a few people to read. #dailymemo

I must be losing steam because I keep doing these at the eleventh hour. #dailymemo

I don't do price predictions, but I got nothing for my #dailymemo today and it's getting late so here goes. I predict we'll be over $500 a coin by end of August. Not financial advice.

My spidey sense is telling me the BCH community is starting to take things a little more seriously. It's definitely going to be an uphill climb, but people seem determined to get to the top. #dailymemo

Write a novel that becomes a sensation --> Gain influence --> Write a book about Bitcoin Cash --> Change the world #dailymemo


The spice must flow! #dailymemo https://twitter.com/BCHcain/status/1159618460206321664

It's about putting in the work, forcing yourself to act even when you don't want to. Otherwise it'll never get done. #dailymemo

Will it ever be possible to tag people on memo? Is that something that can even be done?

I believe there is no other community like BCH, so I just joined a bunch of cryptocurrency subreddits to test my hypothesis. Let's see what I discover. #dailymemo

Just thinking out loud, but would it be possible to have a "friends only" account on memo? I know this post is on the blockchain so it's public, but wondering if there could be some workaround. #dailymemo

Writing good fiction is so damn hard. #dailymemo

I tend to focus on the negative, that which I don't have. But if I really think about it, I should consider myself lucky, I've had so many close calls, fractions of an inch or a second from ruining my life. #dailymemo