WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


There is now a setting on sv.memo.cash to enable big memos (up to 8192 characters). If you are using un-split coins this will cause them to be split. Also transactions may take awhile to confirm and can get lost.

Wow, I fell asleep at the wheel. Sorry for the outage, looks like DB hiccuped on an orphaned block.

Sorry for the downtime. Traffic on memo increased 10x starting at 8am. Not sure if it was organic or not but it fits a similar pattern that was seen yesterday. Turning on CloudFlare DDOS protection brought site back.

What is BCH price?

Memo.cash site has been under a DDoS login attack since about an hour ago. We've been tightening up firewall rules to mitigate. Sorry for any site slowness that has occurred.

Memo Update: - Mini profiles when hovering usernames - Sort profiles by newest - Dashboard default only shows posts - Added "top" posts back


"OP_RETURN or it didn't happen" https://i.imgur.com/vQ9nETp.jpg

Memo update released: - Dust consolidation for all actions - Dashboard is now a feed of all events - Performance improvements - Updated profiles - Color indicator for relative user rating - New account page

Congratulations @reload for knocking the main memo node offline for almost 30 minutes. Apparently it can't handle transactions with 200+ inputs. Looks like that's a major bug we need to fix. Sorry for the downtime.

Memo update released: - Ability to follow topics and indicator for unread topic messages - Links to replies now go to full thread instead of just parent - Topic posts in feed now have a button to go to topic

We've added a page that lists active polls - https://memo.cash/polls

Memo update released: - Polls - Use "hours ago" instead of timestamps - Ranked posts page - Guides section

@Calm_down_stupid I didn't want to reply to your post directly, but we are currently working on adding a setting to disable displaying images/videos.

Memo now supports threaded posts!

Memo now has i18n support for Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese! Links in footer

Memo is now open source! https://memo.cash/open-sourcing-memo

Memo has reached 50,000 on-chain transactions!

Just released Memo Topics - on-chain chat-like discussion

Can also set profile text now. Good place for putting verification.