WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


2019.11.14 - The crypto market is still just a pathetic farce... https://imgur.com/YUcIlfr #Crypto #Fail

Mentally weak crypto-pussy can't stand criticism of dear leader #2MegSechet https://imgur.com/wMgkpSe #Retard

Memo dev is one of the most incompetent developers in the crypto space.

You are probably too mentally retarded to understand but #BitcoinCash has been replicating everything that #Bitcoin did wrong and caused its failure so far.

Did you suck on Amaury Sechet's dick today? If not, then you are not a real #BitcoinCash supporter.


Coinfloor delisted #BitcoinCash due to lack of demand... https://blog.coinfloor.co.uk/post/185546001321/june-website-design-and-functionality-changes Withdrawals will be processed only until 01.12.2019

Epstein did not kill himself. #DailyMemo #Pedogate

https://imgur.com/Mgqpmhc #Pedogate

The coinex trading engine seems to be buggy AF.

Bought a smart phone with BCH and exchanged some BTC I accidentally found to #BitcoinCash. 😎

#BlockstreamCore's empire of lies seems to be collapsing in a steady pace...

Hey, check out these bugs I've found: 1.) up downvote arrows switched to text 2.) balance disparity between memo and member https://imgur.com/a/ZoC5Ric @freetrader

Testing the paging feature on member. @freetrade

I'm phasing out my usage of memo.cash for https://freetrade.github.io/memberdev Memo frontend with a pro-active beast of a dev!

Upgrade your nodes, idiots. https://imgur.com/JEbei

#Bitwage rolls out support for #BitcoinCash https://blog.bitwage.com/2019/10/29/bitwage-launches-bitcoin-cash-payrolls/ #Rejoice

Good morning, greedy little retards. https://imgur.com/t8Vdck0 #Crypto

https://imgur.com/AbLogEI #BitcoinCash

https://cash.coin.dance/blocks is a great website to check #BitcoinCash metrics.