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Hello Am new and just got to know about this awesome site. Good way for earn and investing in miner . lets work together


Would a kind sir please tip me 100 Sat so I may post again :P I miss this social network

Bch polonic today.. https://i.imgur.com/hPURKxV.jpg

Bch in Polonic 22/03/2019 http://imgur.com/ir8OLw3.jpg


Bch polonic 22/03/2019 http://imgur.com/gallery/ir8OLw3


Test postingan..

Hello guys am new here.. . Feels nice to be part of yhe memo family.

Pcash https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/DigiCurrency/M.1553205624.A.B97.html

Shem Booth-Spain - Notions of Synthetic Life【Official Music Video】 YouTube https://youtu.be/OdEoHhMWVvY via @YouTube

Toast or Fries ?

How are you guys feeling today ?

Help !!!!!!

Let there be Love in the world

#Brexit Deal or No Deal ?

Who have the cristchrurch shootout video

This is just a test

Dr. CSW's Interview by "Bitcpin and Beyond" on 2019/03/19 1. LN, function-wise, is no different from visa/master/wire transfer, why bother? 2. ETH extremely centralized, since 53% nodes controlled by 3 people