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For the record, I'm for terraforming Mars eventually. But you'd be fooling yourselves if you think the tech hurdles are the only thing in the way. If you haven't noticed, people don't get along on Earth.

Also, everyone in the know on Elon Musk's plea to nuke Mars, who the fuck is going to let him to that? What is he gonna do? Buy one of the shelf?

I've always wondered if a society with competition at its foundation can be beaten by one based on cooperation. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/09/meritocracys-miserable-winners/594760/

The market is getting SPICY

I don't know why y'all find it so hard https://imgur.com/fEdwitt

Whoops! https://twitter.com/cryptophyl/status/1159031247328423938

It's a sad day for SPICE. Down 25+% already before the airdrop.

Me: I wish i could have more SPICE Also me: Quick! I have some SPICE! Sell that shit for dank BCH before it goes to zero! smh...

8chan is already being mirrored and spoofed by external actors. https://twitter.com/CodeMonkeyZ/status/1158897000470814721

Just kidding lol, I'll hodl my SPICE until at least i get my 5 SPICE airdropped on Cryptophyl.

Coinspice is my favorite place for crypto news.

Just realized i had some fake spice. That shit going into the grinder.

Mainstream Media doesn't want us informed. They want us angry and misinformed so that we will keep reading their articles and start flame wars in their comments sections to get them even more attention.

Brennan, the previous owner of 8chan calls shutting it down an effective bandaid solution. It's more akin to a tourniquet. It may slow the bleeding, but you still need to operate on the leg.

Intolerance and violence isn't the result of online forums or video games. It's a failure of society, and one we will continue to find red herrings for.

Whether it's incels, racists or anti-semites they all seem to have something in common. A false belief set fueled with confirmation bias.

This is fucking stupid. Censoring the vague definition of extremist content is not 8chan's obligation under the law. https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/6/20757675/8chan-el-paso-shooting-jim-watkins-congress-homeland

Making good content is more profitable than selling SLP tokens on Memo. Change my view.

Would it be possible to reduce the size of the stored blockchain on mining and non mining nodes by creating redundancy between two other nodes?

Blockchain isn't just a tool to reclaim financial freedom. It's a tool to reclaim freedom of expression. A tool that is of utmost value to the war on big tech's control and executive privilege on thought.