WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议

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why somebody sent me tokens to my Memo address? :D

Segwit transactions (the new format) are very small (114 bytes) whereas ECDSA txs are 226 bytes and Schnorr txs are 219 bytes. what does Schnorr have of benefits which makes it better than Segwit (as hard fork)?

Schnorr tx https://explorer.bitcoin.com/bch/tx/8a697bfd6193d28b8d081e19c19f67acefbb30dccacce13fa02706bf5636a903

Somebody knows an application where you can easily test Schnorr sigs?

Bitcoin Cash had several blocks recently of a size more than 1MB.

Her er en annoncering af mit #live #life #claim https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmZFcsQbGnkLgP92xt7fkNpeK7m23a6neR9bTHmLEjKRoU #live-life-claim

Yesterday I created my Live-life-claim and got it registered. The last step is to get my birth certificate, declare it no longer valid and give it back to the government. Then I will be completely a free man.


WhatsApp now uninstalled.

Why hasn't Wirex implemented BCH yet?

Lesson learned: don't ever again have sex with girls who are in a relationship.

Somebody knows how Bluewallet LN-wallet works? Is it a custotial wallet?

Two days ago I managed to have a conversation with a guy in Hungarian. So proud! 😀😎💪

Yesterday and today we were in a restaurant in Bratislava. I paid with credit card both times. Right after I paid the last time I saw they were accepting crypto. I think I should look carefully for this in the future.

The police in Slovakia seems kinda agressive. I parked in a forbidden place and they put a fucking block on the wheel of my car. Wtf. 20 EUR penalty on the spot.

Now I uninstalled the Facebook Messenger app from my phone. Great times ahead.

My favorite Hungarian drink is: Fröccs

Liquid is not Bitcoin! https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmRTBa2F8YAg48TvxYHJ4JN1pgcDUFNfEheMptciKLmGrV

A magyar a legnehezebb nyelv, hogy próbáltam tanulni.

I've now started phasing out Facebook. It's too valuable for me to just delete it but I started moving private Messenger conversations over to Signal. #deletefacebook