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- "The government in Hungary is like a prostitute beating you for money" quote by a friend 😂


Situation from Budapest airport: A saleswoman approach me and asks in Hungarian, if I speak Hungarian (for some they'd only want to sell to Hungarians). Then I answer in Hungarian, that I don't speak Hungarian.......

Changing mobile phone provider is very easy nowadays. Type number and sim number, chose date. Done. In the old days it took several months to get you number moved to another carrier.

Merry Christmas. https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmPtCe542StHYVwvBZnAbTQD6vGrJfqN4Yu66ECTu1QHEM

Memo about the fork : https://memo.cash/bch-fork Now I'm back! Yay 😊


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Awesome! Now I can use memo again 😁

btc hodlers panicking - fees rising.

I don't understand why bit.tube made their own crypto instead of using an existing cryptocurrency like BCH. That would be much easier for both them and the users.

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Det er vildt som menneskers moral kan totalt forskrues blot ved at lære dem det i en tidlig nok alder.

https://twitter.com/CalvinAyre/status/1056598658773405696?s=19 Can't wait!

"En krone betalt i skat er en krone betalt til samfundets fordærv" - Mogens Glistrup, 1971

Instead of complaining about what Blockstream did to BTC in order to make money on Liquid, we could have made BTC a token on the BCH network for it to be transferred cheaply.

BTC mempool getting big. People buying?


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