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The Hungarian government contributes to entertainment. So at least you get something from the tax money. https://m.9gag.com/gag/aqKQ6ER

Fuck banks!!! https://imgur.com/03jjUHK



Now I've started to unfollow every person who makes this environment toxic after/because of the split.

https://traze.app/ Cool! You can see where buses are located.

Opel has made a car for the bad roads in Budapest. https://youtu.be/mTAlib4DVXk


Wow. Got a new battery for 9500 HUF and now my Huawei P9 lasts for a whole day and more. I should have done this before instead of using an old shitty phone instead.


Anyone knows a good website where you can find Hungarian subtitles?

looks like there is more activity on memo again. People talking about different topics. good to see.


- "The government in Hungary is like a prostitute beating you for money" quote by a friend 😂


Situation from Budapest airport: A saleswoman approach me and asks in Hungarian, if I speak Hungarian (for some they'd only want to sell to Hungarians). Then I answer in Hungarian, that I don't speak Hungarian.......

Changing mobile phone provider is very easy nowadays. Type number and sim number, chose date. Done. In the old days it took several months to get you number moved to another carrier.

Merry Christmas. https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmPtCe542StHYVwvBZnAbTQD6vGrJfqN4Yu66ECTu1QHEM

Memo about the fork : https://memo.cash/bch-fork Now I'm back! Yay 😊