WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Day 3 water fast got a bit rough. Was low on electrolytes and got a bit dizzy. Not hungry so much as weak. Taking a day off the gym to regroup for tomorrow.

Did you see?! CashAccounts pull request for badger. Check it out! https://twitter.com/paOolCoin/status/1105381768910188544?s=19

Day 1 water fast complete - busted through my plateau. All this money I'm saving on food I might put towards another snowboard trip this weekend.

Started a water fast today. I am aqua man. 🐳🐳🐳

Waiting for the day someone comes up with a Bitcoin Cash version of "Another day, another dollar" Whatchu got memo?👂🕶️

If you thought filing taxes was hard, try doing it in Japan. This entire system is rigged to suck. To add insult to injury, governments make you work hard for them, then steal your money on top of that. Uncool guys.

Memo a day keeps the censorship away https://twitter.com/maplesyrupsuckr/status/1104386134077923328?s=19

SLP Token adoption spreading like mad. Excited to see where this all goes. Memo - when BCH token fundraise? https://twitter.com/maplesyrupsuckr/status/1103646942062473216?s=19

Was honored to hold the #SLPtorch and pass it on to Roger. If you've got any BCH tokens you can spare - share some my way simpleledger:qpjglxrtvrhjd09zaudqurgtwl7433skpyz0yxv94g

Just finished Tim on Joe Rogan with Jack and Lawyer. Lots of talk about twitter on blockchain. Someone should introduce them to Memo on Bitcoin Cash. 💸

Excited to see Tim Pool on the latest Joe Rogan episode clearing up the problems with censorship on Twitter and other silicon valley social media corps.

https://txhighway.com just deployed some optimizations. Less laggy, and more tidy on-chain messages from memo and blockpress!

Anything under 1k in my opinion is considered highly discounted Bitcoin Cash. BTFD!

32 Lanes on https://txhighway.com! So much room for activities!

32 lanes on https://txhighway.com Check it out!

Welcome Bitcoin.com to the txhighway.com Billboard! Special thanks to PorlyBe and Zquestz for their hard work. 32MB FTW!

Ain't no Bitcoin like a 32mb Bitcoin!

“Be patient. Your future will soon come to you and lie down at your feet like a dog who knows and loves you no matter what you are.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

Been hard at work getting some May 15 updates ready for https://txhighway.com

Just watched a young lady help an old man down the stairs. Life is good