WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Anyone else complete #soberoctober? Join me on memo for that sweet SLP token reward. 🏆🏆🏆 Congrats #bitcoin community!

Needing some fresh music to enjoy. Genre-agnostic. Whatchu got? #dailymemo 🎧

If anyone is looking for a full-time gig as Head of Devops at Bitcoin.com (Paid in BCH) we have a job listing up at https://wrkbl.ink/5mdLzUy

My favourite thread is the day. https://twitter.com/Suitpossum/status/1181930467290963970?s=19 #dailymemo


Had the pleasure of speaking to the creator of @memobch today. One of the most talented builders I know. 🤯 Inspiring what one man can do with a vision. #dailymemo

New coworkers, new connections, new opportunities, more growth. Optimistic for the future of Bitcoin.com and its products and services. What a time to be involved in the future of money! #Bitcoin is Cash for the 🌍

Day 1 of #SoberOctober complete. Join me on memo.cash to claim your SOBER @simpleledger SLP token on #bitcoincash. 1 for everyone participating on memo. 🚰🚰🚰⛲🌊⛲🚰🚰🚰

Any $bch users planning for a #SoberOctober? Join me on https://memo.cash & receive a SOBER token for participating. 💪🚭🙅🍺 31 days! 31,000 tokens available! https://memo.cash/a/fe8dfaad0a

Excited to see alternative app stores for devices coming out to bypass harsh rules and drive competition to gated communities. Will be taking #AltStore for a spin. #dailymemo http://tiny.cc/nfrgdz

Time to dump my Pixel for an @htc. See ya @google! #BCHpls #dailymemo https://news.bitcoin.com/htc-adds-native-bitcoin-cash-support-to-its-flagship-smartphone/

Ask questions to the new CEO Stefan Rust of bitcoin.com in the upcoming AMA. I've had some great convos with Stefan. Lots of amazing insights.💪 https://twitter.com/BitcoinCom/status/1172140397134516229?s=19

Very excited to see new but old bitcoiners join our team to help revolutionize money for the world. Welcome! #dailymemo #bch

Big week coming up! Make sure to pre-register at https://exchange.bitcoin.com to be entered into the prize pool. 🏆

Have you played with the SLP dividend creator yet? https://tools.bitcoin.com/slp-dividend-calculator/ Huge shoutout to Joey King and Vin Armani. Exciting opportunities here. #dailymemo

Testing the new auto tweet feature that was just merged into @memocash 🤞💪🤯🥞 #dailymemo

Those who like their own posts. Not once, but five times, should be medicated. #dailymemo #bforbad

Rainmaker gonna make it rain! #dailymemo

Spent my day on my Samsung Watch BCH app. CashAccount integration, address monitoring, receipt notifications, and building in vibration and audio alerts. Hashrate and fees coming soon. #dailymemo

Join or start a #bitcoincash meetup near you! https://youtu.be/1IbgMV7tGx8 #dailymemo