WEWO 基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)的去中心化微博,实现并 扩展MEMO协议


Keep liking, commenting and posting everyday guys! Even though it seems small individually, as a community we come together liking, commenting and posting, we are all making a difference to Bitcoin Cash daily!

Coin Fair Value now shows Bitcoin Cash Fair Value at $1,146.13 😱😱😱😱 https://www.coinfairvalue.com/coins/bitcoin%20cash/ https://i.imgur.com/GVAMz5h.jpg

This is so awesome guys. I have been keeping an eye on Coin Fair Value for the past month or so and Bitcoin Cash price just keeps climbing steadily, week after week. https://www.coinfairvalue.com/coins/bitcoin%20cash/

FUN FACT! On the 1st of september 2018, the BCH network processed more than 2 million transactions, or roughly 10 times as many as BTC. I will post link in thread #BCHWinning

Some Roses that I tattooed yesterday :) Sometimes the most simple of design can be a fun design when your client is a cool dude 😎 Grateful for the opportunity to work on him. https://i.imgur.com/KI71vFU.jpg

Coin Fair Value is now showing Bitcoin Cash Fair Value at $1018.97 😎👌🏻 https://i.imgur.com/xiI6GB3.jpg https://www.coinfairvalue.com/coins/bitcoin%20cash/

Got to tattoo a Tomahawk today on a walk-in ☺️ I love when a walk-in tattoo is something really cool! https://i.imgur.com/bRvhxYS.jpg What do you guys think?

Between liking, commenting and posting on memo, I feel like I make at least 50 “micro transactions” everyday on BCH So f*cking cool Love you BCHs

Super fun “Toonie sized” Micro Realistic Eye Tattoo that I did today 😎 https://i.imgur.com/672lzBi.jpg

Memo is my favourite way of using Bitcoin Cash everyday :D

I wonder how long before Ryan X Charles comes back to BCH from the BSV. Anyone know if he has said anything about the mass delisting yet?

I hope Jimmy Nguyen jumps the BSV ship and starts promoting for BCH. He is a very charismatic speaker and would be an excellent asset to the BCH community for encouraging merchant adoption and and BCH awareness

Any thoughts from the BSV advocates out there? Just curious how your feeling about all the delisting happening? Has this changed or strengthened your view on BSV and/or CW? Honest question not putting down BSV peeps

Go BCH!! https://i.imgur.com/UQqDFW9.png https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/transactions-ltc-bch-bsv-dash.html

Bitcoin Cash is now worth $902.75 on Coin Fair Value 😎👌🏻😎👌🏻😎👌🏻😎👌🏻 https://www.coinfairvalue.com/

After the most recent BCH pump there was an increase of btc maximalists who have come out of the echo chamber claiming to finally understand BCH superiority. This will be a growing trend with each pump cycle #Winning

Upvote this post in r/bitcoin it is telling people to use Bitcoin Cash for low fees :) https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/bas3ra/bitcoin_will_have_high_fees_the_block_size/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app

You give 1 person has a great experience then they will tell 1 person about it. You give 1 person a shitty experience they will tell everyone they come into contact with. User experience is everything! #BCHPLS

Wow! The current next block transaction fees for btc are $2.01 😱 https://bitcoinfees.info/ https://i.imgur.com/YfdvgRm.jpg lolololol #BCHWinning

Coin Fair Value is now showing Bitcoin Cash is worth $618.74 😎😎😎 https://www.coinfairvalue.com/coins/bitcoin%20cash/ https://i.imgur.com/9jr1Sxz.jpg