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What is Bitcoin? Part 8, the almost-always answer to "Why don't they...?" https://youtu.be/gMmg18eKyvI #dailymemo

2019 price action feels like 2015 2015 opened with bitcoin diving to just below $200. Then it stayed b/w $220 and $250 pretty much all year, with occasional blips to $280, before a run to $450 #dailymemo

What is Bitcoin? Part 7, who are miners? https://youtu.be/UKyVRlqRA_w #dailymemo

What is Bitcoin? Part 6, what problem does bitcoin solve? https://youtu.be/YDHalhzNqm8 #dailymemo

What is bitcoin? Part 5, violence-resistant monetary policy https://youtu.be/NqNnNXOPJDo I won't keep posting this, but $100 for anyone that calls me out for posting less than every 7 days on any video #bch

What is Bitcoin? Part 4, the exchange rate between money and power https://youtu.be/UVrY5oG6L_A #dailymemo

Gettin to that "quiet almost too quiet" phase of the market #dailymemo

Part 3, money is not defined by academics https://youtu.be/Tl7uYZywyOI #dailymemo

Part 2 of n for series answering "what is bitcoin" for new users https://youtu.be/CHYqZ4yrnnw Same as before, $100 to first person to call out if no new video in 7 days #dailymemo

If I don't do another video by July 27, I'll pay $100 in #BCH to whoever calls me out first. https://youtu.be/55OKI5kNdVo #dailymemo

I remember in AP European History having to write 'doc-based-questions,' considering the "provenance" of sources; usually political pamphlets Didn't appreciate before the communist thunderdome of modern twitter

12-18 months ago when I got into all kinds of Twitter vitriol re: lightning network with a bunch of people who never used it and, I am certain, continue to never use it #dailymemo

BTC tweets since 2015 === justification by faith alone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sola_fide #dailymemo

Cheap-ish ancient roman coins (http://dirtyoldcoins.com/) inside BCH paper wallets https://imgur.com/58pfqtx #dailymemo

Bitcoin is still impossibly small. Maybe 100 true believers. Incredible how much action and progress on the dev side. Software is a more exponential lever than you think...even when you already think this #dailymemo

This kind of rally doesn't have a compelling analog with past Frito crypto cycles. Uncharted territory #dailymemo

Gmail is 15 years old today #dailymemo

"Liquidity" is a dumb word #dailymemo

Because computer science has rational elements, it's easy to forget that software dev is iterative and empirical, not rationalist. Sometimes whole communities define themselves by missing this, like BTC. #dailymemo

Being a socialist is a great way to signal the amount of reality you can afford to ignore thanks to the surpluses created by capitalism #dailymemo