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Time off for the SLP hackathon is confirmed! ^.^

Trying to secure some time off to head down to People's Pub for the SLP hackathon. Would be great to pay for a meal + drinks in BCH while working on SLP applications. 11 days straight before asking for time off.


Aside from my windows shaking and my living room being a little wet, we're holding down strong here. No power outage, internet still up. We all good baby.

Hurricane Dorian will be at my door in a few hours. :/

G'mornin folks. Chocolate chai tea for me, then off to work.


Well, It's time. I'm applying to be a part of BU https://bitco.in/forum/threads/bitcoin-unlimited-membership-join-us.208/page-19#post-97519

#DailyMemo The question of the day... Do I buy some $SPICE???

Starting a #Shibari photography portfolio very soon.

Livestreaming now! Come check it out. https://www.twitch.tv/jettscythe https://tipbitcoin.cash/tip/jettscythe

Should I get drunk and livestream some more RimWorld?


Airdrop wasn't met - but they're still giving out spice based on trading volume https://twitter.com/cryptophyl/status/1164151790167830528

Fuckin' RimWorld rekt me. Three times in 2 days. FUCK

First time trying the tipbitcoincash website out! Check it out https://tipbitcoin.cash/tip/jettscythe https://www.twitch.tv/jettscythe

Updating, then gonna try streaming again. My encoder is giving me a funky error

Just bought Rimworld. May stream some gameplay later

Little shy of 4 days left to trigger the airdrop! We need 51 200 000 more SPICE volume to make it happen. Get trading! https://cryptophyl.com/airdrops/spice-2 https://cryptophyl.com/?r=jett

#DailyMemo - Quit SatoshiDice while you're ahead. God damn.