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I am sorry if I do not respond to your messages, I am probably too drunk or out of money, but I do see them and love them.

I just woke up with an entire sandwich in my pocket.

I will name it the, Uther Spike. You know from, Cowboy Bebop :D https://whotipped.it/Chart/


Too drunk to drink more. Still pissed off. Let us rumble!


Waiting for you, too do it again.

I have one eye closed. I made an agreement with God.



One more time. That is all I need.

I will give you one last chance google. I am serious too.


I only got 3 category 5 hurricanes, the guy next too me got 5. That is the only reason I am going to let you go.

I was having a good morning, trying to quit drinking, then google went and craped on everything...



Not this time you don't.