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THE BEST NEWS: Manifesting real history chunks on http://memo.cash just got cheaper!!! Join us!!! Start writing history today!! #memo #censorship #julianassange

The issues #Venezuela is facing are mostly caused by the cruel sanctions imposed by the fascist empire of the banking mafia. They closed Venezuelan bank accounts and confiscated their money, this is a war on civilians

#bitcoincom & #rogerkver are proudly presenting their latest deal with #elipay which will bring a POS with probably high fees to EU merchants in a centrally planned way. This our decentralized feeless #bitcoin #bch ?

There are still way more people using #BTC than #BCH worldwide for payments and #elipay is a custodial wallet which means it offers probably the same fees for BTC as BCH... How is #Bitcoincash winning here ??

The Venezuelan government is a small fish compared to the IMF operating worldwide. Still they get blamed in #bitcoincom articles but the sanctions & banking blockage are never mentioned. This is #rogerkver propaganda

In 2010 the same banking mafia closed the accounts of #wikileaks simply for releasing truthful uncensored information. IMF recently gave 3 billion to Ecuador after their fake president Lenin Moreno sold #JulianAssange

The #CIA game is always the same, these countries which do not obey to the #IMF taking huge credits with high interest rates are getting sanctioned to make the civil population suffer to create a hateful environment

The U.S. military will soon have a military base on ecuadorians Galapagos Islands the natural reserve paradise where Charles Darwin made parts of his famous research to write human history. How do you like that?

To enjoy life with a healthy body & mind all it needs are 15-30 min of workout every day & healthy food. Why is it that many humans are not capable of taking this responsibility? Why are they in passive slave mode?

I had a video interview of one hour already three months ago with Matt Aaron the #bitcoincom manager of the adoption campaign in #Venezuela and he never released any of that information as he & #rogerkver are biased

Inside #Venezuela everyone agrees that this country is unique in offering enormous freedom, many say it offers too much freedom and they wish it would be more regulated. People don't know what they want nor need...

How many have liked mathematics at school? How many understand basic business? This is the real issue all around the world. Humans incapable of taking responsibility for themselves asking to be enslaved & controlled

Once again #bitcoincom is spreading bad propaganda about #Venezuela instead of listening to both sides of the argument https://news.bitcoin.com/distrust-of-the-bolivar-prompts-venezuelans-to-seek-sound-money/

The issue here is the same as everywhere all around the world. Most people don't realise the connection between fake money & TV brainwashing created by banksters and the world wide recession going on because of that.

#bitcoincom promotes freedom & libertarian lifestyle but keeps blaming governments instead of taking responsibility to educate the people. This is schizophrenia. #rogerkver is a whining looser with victim attitude

They keep talking about some central planning happening in #Venezuela which is complete bullshit as any U.S. state or European nation is way more regulated and centrally planned. Venezuela offers enormous freedom

It is an extremely common habit in #Venezuela to blame the government or anyone else for their own faults... That's also why the government is getting so bad propaganda by their ex-pats

It is an extremely common habit in #Venezuela to blame the government or anyone else for their own faults... That's also why the government is getting so bad propaganda by their ex-pats

#bitrefill just beat #cryptobuyer ... I charged 10000 for 10158 Bs with BITREFILL and I received the balance within 30 seconds... While the cryptobuyer customer support was blaming the network for their own fault...

In this town the kiosco takes 15000 to recharge 10000 bs but with #cryptobuyer I just charged a Digitel line for 10586 Bs taking 11k This is a huge opportunity to show how useful #DASH is to fulfill real world needs