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THE BEST NEWS: Manifesting real history chunks on http://memo.cash just got cheaper!!! Join us!!! Start writing history today!! #memo #censorship #julianassange

*WATCH THIS* For all the open minded & truther, here comes the *REAL* bitcoin: #DASH adoption report from the REAL world in Venezuela: https://youtu.be/dJy2djNECGc

There is just one unique value proposition that #bitcoin has and that is P2P money WITHOUT any intermediate!! NOBODY AS INTERMEDIATE, not even a custodial POS!! If we do not push the project this way, it will fail.

All the other value proposition can and will be copied by the big players as soon as they want!! But they will never be able to give freedom to their customers, as that would destroy their business!

The #DASH leadership is 10x more transparent in all their actions than the #BCH leadership, they even publish their POS data transparently so that anyone can really see the statistics: https://tracker.pagacondash.com/

The #USD is crashing enormously since #realdonaldtrump tweeted about #bitcoin :) we had 20% hyperinflation of the USD during the past days in Venezuela! The #Bolivar has been much more stable because the #petro works!

Most easy to realize cognitive dissonance: Most think that cigarettes & alcohol & sugar are OK while unprocessed natural plants are not... This is how they control your mind, this is why most people feel bad on weed.

Cognitive Dissonance, everyone was programmed & most still practice it (TV/Alcohol/Cigarette) Until they really learn to pay attention to all their own actions & thoughts! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Y17YaZRRvY

I was searching for a safe & low cost place to live so I can focus on programming & marketing of bitcoin map & finally I found that place in Venezuela!! This country is so awesome & lovely!! Anarchism is wide spread!!

Bitcoin BTC works because it has been sold as digital gold and will be sold as that for the next 100 years. It works well as such, slow and expensive! Nobody can change the psychological behaviour of the masses.

#BCH camp was so proud about the stresstest, now as #BSV has bigger blocks and higher capacity, nobody is proud anymore... This technical nonsense is useless, each #bitcoin project must have a clear use case focus.

Both chains #BCH and #BSV went for bigger blocks, if #bitcoincash does not clearly point out that they will focus on a specific use-case, then why should anyone not believe that BSV is superior as bigger blocks?

Roger Ver & Craig Wright have been following similar tactics ever since, taking the lead & promoting their projects. Team Craig Wright has shown more professional consumer products & marketing: Handcash + Coingeek

*Oficial Financial Advise* #DASH and #BSV are underrated at this moment!! Listen to me!! BUY NOW!! Your Financial Advisor!! Never seen such a low on DASH for months! BSV has more potential than #BCH -> bigger block!

That Android Huawei P30 fell down 6 times in 2 months with zero damage!!! This camera with phone is so unimaginable amazing!! Try that with an IPhone!! #Huawei is showing off what chinese quality really means!!

Which #bitcoin is actually the fastest on the exchange? #BTC vs #BCH vs #BSV vs #DASH: The ultimate reality check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7_mZ04qoTY

Memo Forward has so much more outreach on Twitter than my crappy account that got banned several times :D All censorship leads to smarter solutions in the end!! THANKS

The rising value of bitcoins make them less usable in territories of low income, as even the lowest tx fee of 1sat per kb will be a substantial amount in the future... Why is nobody addressing that issue? #rogerkver